Download tax statements & update your details online

Jul 13, 2016

The PSA is pleased to announce the launch of the new online Members Only Area.

Visit the PSA website and go to the ‘update & connect’ button on the right hand side.

The Members Only Area will allow you to access and update your contact details quickly and easily.

You can also securely update your bank and credit card details.

Members paying via direct payment, credit card or direct debit, can now print their tax statements for current and past financial years.

For further information email

PSA Fees

1 July 2016 – 30 June 2017

A table showing the PSA’s new fees can be viewed HERE.

PSA News – 20 June 2016

Jun 20, 2016

The attack members are facing

Dear members,

A nine minute video, an edited version of the PSA General Secretary’s address to Annual Conference, is included in this bulletin.

This video outlines the enormity of the situation being faced by members and some of the actions being taken by the PSA.

To view the video click HERE.

Also, to read the response to questions from members which were sent by SMS or Twitter during the Conference, click HERE.

PSA and CPSU Elections

Jun 3, 2016

PSA and CPSU elections 2016 (PDF version)

You are reminded there are two union elections this year which all members are entitled to vote in.

These two separate elections occur every four years and the outcome determines the leadership of the Union for the next four years. Ballot papers for the State Public Services Federation (SPSF) branch of the CPSU election will be sent to members this week from the AEC to their home address. All members of the PSA are automatically a member of the SPSF branch of the CPSU and therefore entitled to vote. The PSA election will be held later this year.

This joint membership and structure is becoming increasingly important, as it allows the PSA to cover members if they are moved from State coverage to Federal Fair Work coverage. This happened to members in TAFE who, with the stroke of a pen, were moved from being employees covered by the NSW Industrial Relations Commission to only being covered by the Federal Fair Work system.

When you receive ballot papers this week you will also receive candidate information. In the SPSF(CPSU) election all positions are being contested except for the Branch Secretary position where there was only one nominee and that nominee will be elected unopposed.


Anne Gardiner
General Secretary

PSA News – 27 April 2016

Apr 27, 2016

PSA members in Home Care win the right to keep their union

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has ruled the SPSF/CPSU can alter its rules to allow the PSA to maintain its representation of Home Care workers transferring to the private sector.

Thanks to the PSA’s new structures and evidence-based approach, your union’s officials were able to provide critical information that was crucial to the case.

This input was referenced in the judge’s decision.

The following delegates gave vital evidence on behalf of you and your union and we would like to warmly thank them:

Grisel Galiano

Tania Shipman

The PSA is focused on ensuring the conditions we protected through the privatisation process are defended beyond the two year protection period.

TAFE members to strike on Thursday 28 April

PSA members in the TAFE system will go on strike on Thursday April 28 in protest over the education provider’s proposal to slash working conditions.

TAFENSW is refusing to back down on its plans, even after staff overwhelmingly voted NO to their slashed conditions in September 2015.

The proposals include:

  • An increase in weekly working hours for 80% of the workforce, from 35 to 36.25 hours, for no extra pay
  • A refusal to pay a back-dated pay increase, despite not receiving a rise since July 2014
  • Removal of Rostered Days Off

Further, there is no agreement in place which protects staff that transfer to the new classification structure from having their salary downgraded.

Also, there is no agreement to protect current permanent positions from being converted to permanent part year with up to 22 weeks of forced unpaid leave.

Staff will stop work for three hours from 1:00-4:00pm.

All TAFE PSA members are directed to participate.

All other members are encouraged to lend their support at their local TAFE.

The main rally in Sydney will be at Ultimo TAFE, Sydney (Harris Street entrance)

Members should meet out the front of their college grounds and post a photo of their group with the hashtag #SaveOurTAFE on social media platforms, or send them to

March for May Day

Join us at May Day – Sunday 1 May 2016

For more than 125 years, May Day has been a day when Australians remember the victories of the past while preparing for campaigns ahead.

Join us as we send a clear message to the Baird and Turnbull Government that we stand in solidarity at this crucial time.

The May Day march in Sydney will be followed by a family fun day at Victoria Park, full of rides, food stalls, singing, dancing, laughing and above all else community solidarity.

Assemble at Belmore Park at 11.00am for the march to Victoria Park at 11.30am.

The PSA will have a stall on the day with the theme of “I love public services” and we will create a powerful, physical representation of the support for public services with a sea of hearts display.

Wear your favourite PSA campaign t-shirt and join us this Sunday at Belmore Park.

We hope to see you there. RSVP at

Spread the word – view and print the flyer HERE

For details of the May Day festivities in the Hunter click HERE

For details of festivities in the Illawarra click HERE

Knock for a better tomorrow

Every Saturday from 30 April until election day, Unions NSW will be door-knocking marginal seats, talking to people about issues that will change votes.

Join in and have a conversation with the community about the importance of defending public services.

For a full list of coming events, click HERE

The real shirkers

A report by lobby group GetUp has exposed the loopholes used by corporate tax dodgers.

Closing the Caribbean Connection found:

  • Australia lost $5.37 billion to corporate tax dodging from just 76 foreign multinationals in 2013 and 2014
  • these billionaire corporations pay a lower effective tax rate than your average nurse
  • big pharmaceutical corporations paid the lowest effective tax rate at just 5.7 percent, compared to 7.5 percent for high-tech corporations and 20 percent for energy corporations
  • there are two major loopholes that are being exploited by multinational corporations: Debt Loading and Profit Alienation, and effective policy solutions to both of these loopholes have recently been implemented in Hong Kong and Britain.

The report claims 76 corporations withheld enough money from the public purse to restore the $650 million ripped from Medicare, $1 billion from aged care, $500 million from Indigenous services, $240 million from the Rental Affordability Scheme – with $2.4 billion left over to spend elsewhere.

To view the report and download an email template to contact your MP, click HERE.

PSA News – 15 April 2016

Apr 15, 2016

Annual Conference 2016

Thursday 26 May and Friday 27 May 2016

All members are invited to nominate as a Conference delegate for the PSA’s 2016 Annual Conference.

Preference will be given to those who have not previously attended Conference.

Please note that members can apply for Special Leave to attend the Conference.

Sessions include:

  • Challenges facing Australian Unions – Professor David Peetz
  • The Cost of Commissioning – Associate Professor Jane Andrew

On Thursday night there will be a social gathering at PSA House with food, drink and a screening of the movie “The Big Short”.

Nominations close on Monday 2 May 2016.

For more details click HERE

Follow us on Twitter @psansw or #psaconf2016

TAFE members deliver overwhelming PABO result

TAFE members have endorsed action against TAFE’s plans to slash conditions as part of the ongoing enterprise agreement negotiations.

To be able to take industrial action, the PSA applied to hold a Protected Action Ballot of members in TAFE, and a ruling was given by the Fair Work Commission for a ballot to be held from 24 March to 1 April.

Despite the short ballot period around a long weekend, PSA members in TAFE delivered an outstanding result.

The threshold for a successful ballot was easily passed with an average 93% vote to endorse various types of industrial action.

Congratulations are due to TAFE members for their enthusiasm and participation in reaching such a decisive result.

May Day – Sunday 1 May 2016

This year’s May Day celebration marks 125 years since Australia’s first May Day march held in 1891 by striking shearers at Barcaldine in Queensland.

Along with the traditional march, this year’s Sydney May Day will be a family fun day with rides, food stalls and live entertainment.

The PSA will have a stall on the day with the theme of “I public services”.

Our stall will be decorated with promotional material from the many campaigns the PSA is involved in to protect public services.

In addition, the PSA will create a powerful, physical representation of the support for public services with a sea of hearts display.

Each will carry a signature and statement of support to protect these services.

Assemble at Belmore Park in Sydney at 11.00am for the march at 11.30am.

If you are available to volunteer an hour to staff the stall or have any campaign posters, promotional materials and t-shirts to help decorate the stall please contact us at

Regional fun – for those unable to attend the event in Sydney, we will send a heart template and ask members to write a message of support and take a photo holding the heart to share on Facebook.

Join us at May Day and drop by the PSA stall to ensure the next generation of workers continue to celebrate and cherish such an important event.

You can view the flyer HERE

Goulburn staffing should be locked down

The PSA has taken action to publicise the state’s appallingly overcrowded prison system.

Inmates at one of the toughest prisons in the state, Goulburn Correctional Centre, were in lockdown in March when staff resisted management directions.

The PSA believes current staffing levels are below the Variable Operational Routine, which is the number of officers onsite to guarantee a safe working environment.

Prison Officers Vocational Branch chairman, Steve McMahon, was interviewed in the Goulburn Post over the action.

You can read the story HERE

Back in black: PSA wins money owed to SAS staff

The PSA has helped win back pay for three School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs) who had been underpaid for years.

Three staff members at the one school were at times engaged less than the minimum two hours per day, and when they did work more than two hours per day, they were not paid for their 10-minute morning tea break.

The staff contacted the PSA via the Member Services Centre, which set in motion actions to remedy the shortfall.

In March 2016, a Department of Education and Communities investigation found numerous incidences of underpayment to all three SLSOs, who were each found to be owed about $6000.

The SLSOs will be paid the full amount by the department, which will then recover the monies from the school.

Secrecy under spotlight

Most Freedom of Information requests to NSW State Government ministers are now knocked back.

This is the finding of an investigation by Information Commissioner Elizabeth Tydd.

According to The Sun-Herald, NSW ministers granted only a third of requests for information, half the percentage from the previous year.

Bodies such as Roads and Maritime Services were found to be secretive, particularly with projects such as the contentious WestConnex road project.

You can read the Sun Herald story HERE

National Parks rangers fire up over conditions attack

PSA members in the National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) have recently returned from fighting fires in Tasmania and Western Australian.

NPWS staff from NSW went to Tasmania for six weeks to combat a spate of fires that had overwhelmed the southern state’s emergency services.

Many of the NPWS staff worked in remote regions, fighting fires created by dry conditions and more than 80 lightning strikes.

Upon their return, NPWS staff learnt they are in the Baird Government’s crosshairs, with plans to slash weekend hours and after-hours loading.

Weekends are the busiest time for the state’s national parks.

The Sunday Telegraph has publicised the fight by PSA members in NPWS.

You can read the story HERE

PSA News – 1 March 2016 Members in Corrective Services

Mar 1, 2016

To all PSA members in Corrective Services

Late yesterday afternoon rumours started to circulate throughout CSNSW of a major announcement  to be made on Tuesday 1 March 2016.

As we understand following the rumours, it is alleged to have considerable impact to CSNSW.

Members may recall that during last year, the Department announced that they would commence a process called benchmarking.

At that time this process was completely unknown to us.

In the last quarter of 2015, Corrective Services were still unable to provide any detail as to what benchmarking will contain.

In December, the Department finally informed the PSA that any announcement of the details of benchmarking would be delayed until early 2016.

The rumours currently circulating throughout CSNSW of a major announcement with potential negative outcomes for members can only refer to a meeting that is scheduled for late this afternoon where the Department will finally provide the union with some details pertaining to benchmarking.

All groups will be represented at today’s meeting.

When we are in receipt of this information we will prepare a summary of events for distribution to delegates and members.

Steve McMahon

Anne Gardiner
General Secretary


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