Caseworkers criticise NSW ChildStory IT platform – it News

Dec 22, 2017

“We have grave concerns that reports regarding children at risk will be lost or unable to be recorded during the festive season, which is traditionally a demanding time upon the system,” said PSA Assistant General Secretary, Troy Wright.

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Govt spends tens of millions on consultants, tries to block pay rise for disability workers

Sep 19, 2017

PSA media release

The Public Service Association (PSA) has slammed the $10 million rise in the budget for consultants in one public sector agency alone while the Government cuts jobs and argues against a 2.5% pay rise for disability care workers.

“The Treasurer can defend the expenditure on the basis the Government is undertaking “unprecedented and complicated reforms” but what he doesn’t say is that process involves the wholesale sell off of public services in NSW such as the Land Titles Registry, disability and Out of Home Care,” said Acting PSA General Secretary, Troy Wright.

“The savage irony is that many of these Departments are spending money on consultants to manage the after-effects of employees being replaced with consultants”.

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Kids put in the same motels as crims – The Sunday Telegraph

Sep 4, 2017

“Children are being removed from situations of risk every week across NSW and placed in completely unsuitable, insecure and potentially dangerous accommodation,” PSA Assistant General Secretary, Troy Wright told the Sunday Telegraph as the PSA launches the Safe Hands campaign.

Kids put in same motels as crims - The Sunday Tele 3 September 2017 small

Concerns over the privatisation of disability services – ABC TV

Aug 29, 2017

PSA Assistant General Secretary, Troy Wright underscores the PSA’s main concern with the privatisation of disability services: many will land heavily in the state’s hospitals, mental health facilities and even prisons, areas lacking expertise in specialist disability care.

2017 Salaries Claim – update

May 17, 2017

The Crown Employees (Public Service – Salaries 2016) Award expires on 30 June 2017, along with awards covering the salaries of members in Local Land Services, IPART, ICAC, Audit Office and Urban Growth.

In January 2017, the PSA commenced the process of securing the next salary rise for members covered by these awards.

In February, after discussions at Central Council, we submitted a formal request to the Government for a 2.5% salary increase each year for the next two years.

As you know, 2.5% is all we are legally allowed to seek without trading off conditions.

The Government responded with a one year offer of 2.5%.

At the Industrial Relations Commission on Wednesday 17 May 2017, the matter was conciliated before Chief Commissioner Kite.

At that hearing, the Government failed to move from its one year offer.

Following discussions at the Commission, the Government have however undertaken to consider their position over the coming week.

Another conciliation conference is set down for Monday 29 May at 11am.

The PSA is determined to do everything it can to provide members with certainty and security around their family budgets through a multi-year pay agreement with the Government.

At the PSA’s Annual Conference next week I will be providing an update on the status of the pay case and seek feedback from Conference delegates.

I look forward to seeing many of you at Conference.


Troy Wright
Assistant General Secretary

Haste and poor care plans under NDIS a ticking social time bomb says union

May 4, 2017

PSA Media release:

Critical care plans under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are poor and in such disarray, a peak body, National Disability Services have felt the need to release a report titled “How to get the NDIS on track,” says the Public Service Association (PSA).

“This report and the reasons behind its release goes to the heart of the PSA’s concern in NSW about the capacity of the NDIS to handle the full range of disability services provided by Ageing Disability and Home Care once ADHC has been removed from the picture,” said PSA Assistant General Secretary, Troy Wright.

“The fact a peak body, National Disability Services have felt compelled to issue to a report with 24 recommendations literally about getting the scheme back on the rails before it has been implemented should be of enormous concern to hundreds of thousands of families”.

“The NSW Government has been framing the NDIS as a some miracle cure, an all things to everyone service provider but with strict eligibility provisions buried in the fine print as many families are slowly discovering.”

“This union’s huge concern is that the NSW Government is tearing down a long standing expert public service and transferring it to private interests, washing its hands of any duty of care, while the evidence continues to mount that the NDIS has serious issues in relation to capacity, funding and care plans.”

“NSW will be the only state in Australia with no Government safety net for people with disability and now one of the peak disability bodies has officially raised serious concerns about its roll out.”


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