PSA members win 2.5 per cent pay rise

Dear members,

The PSA this week secured a 2.5 per cent pay rise for all employees covered by the Crown Employees (Public Sector Salaries) Award and the Local Land Services Award.

The one-year increase, taking effect from 1 July 2017, came after 95 per cent of the more than 4000 PSA members who voted agreed to accept the 2.5 per cent agreement with the NSW Government.

The PSA went to the Industrial Relations Commission and finalised this pay rise for members across the public service. The rise comes with no trade off of conditions.

The 2.5 per cent pay rise is the maximum available under the Government’s wages policy, and sits above the 1.9 per cent wage price index. However, there have been a number of years when this cap has provided less than inflation wage rises.

The new PSA leadership is determined to provide members with greater certainty into the future and will push to have the productivity gains made by workers recognised in future pay rises, as well as longer term pay rises.

The PSA is attempting to update standalone awards for ADHC workers facing privatisation to enable their new privatised employers to recognise the current pay and conditions in new National System employment arrangements.

Last week, awards were made in similar terms for SASS Trustee, ICAC, IPART, Landcom and Audit Office.

While the pay rises will start in July, some agencies may require one or two pay periods to finalise increases and back pay.

These pay rises are won through the efforts of PSA members paying their membership dues and campaigning together. Stronger outcomes can be won with more members building a stronger union, so encourage your colleagues to join the PSA.

With this pay rise secured, the PSA will focus on filling vacant positions, improving access to flexible work conditions, improving job security, controlling workload and combatting privatisation.


Yours sincerely,

Stewart Little
General Secretary