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Service NSW – Registry Conversions Update

Service NSW – Registry Conversions Update – December 2015 (PDF version)

PSA representatives met with the Service NSW on 14 December 2015 to discuss the ongoing conversions of RMS registries.

PSA representatives had hoped for a final and complete blueprint of Service NSW Centres in both metropolitan and regional areas. This would give members more certainty when preparing either job applications (either 1A or 1B) or voluntary redundancy applications.

Unfortunately, Service NSW was not in a position to provide further detail on the seven metropolitan registries (Merrylands, Beverly Hills, Frenchs Forest, Manly, Warriewood, St Marys and Mt Druitt) or the remaining regional registries.

The PSA is concerned is some of the metropolitan and regional registries will not convert and instead be closed. This could leave members in regional areas at a considerable disadvantage with respect to ongoing employment.

The numerous rumours surrounding registries that have not been announced are an ongoing cause of anxiety for PSA members. It also means that members face difficult decisions when preparing for the future without all of the information.

The following is a list of the RMS Registry Conversions announced for February, March and April. These are indicative dates and dependent on building works.

Mudgee RMS 26 February 2016

Tuggerah replacing Wyong March 2016

Miranda March 2016

Narrabri in new premises April 2016

Young April 2016

Erina April 2016

Cooma April 2016

Rockdale March 2016

Ballina in new premises April 2016

There are also three registries announced but are yet to find premises; Warriewood, Manly and Mt Druitt.

Bega, Eden, Moruya and Narooma were announced by the Minister on 14 December. Whilst Bega will be a standalone site, Service NSW is exploring colocation with other Government services for Eden, Narooma and Moruya. Interviews for these locations will take place in January.

The PSA encourages all those members seeking employment with Service NSW to access the available interview training provided.

The PSA encourages RMS staff who are unsuccessful at interview to make use of the Assisted Review process.

RMS Delegates on the ADS JCC:

Kim Webb                Daryl West

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