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Aboriginal Liason

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The PSA’s Aboriginal Liaison Officer advises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members on matters of importance to them and their workplace.

Mal Cochrane is currently on leave.

The PSA has appointed Ann Weldon as Aboriginal Liaison Officer in Mal’s absence.

A member of the Kalar River people, in the Wiradjuri nation, Ms Weldon has worked at AHDC Burwood, in the Community Support Team – Sydney Local District, since 2015. Before then, she was at the Metro North Region – Parramatta Local Office and the Rosebery ADHC Office for Metro South Region.

She is also a Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land  Council Board Member and Elder.

Contact details for Anne are:


Tel: 1300 772 679
Fax: 02 9262 1623
Post: PSA, GPO Box 3365, Sydney NSW 2001


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