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ADHC update Redevelopment of large residential centres in Hunter

ADHC update Redevelopment of large residential centres in Hunter – September 2016 (PDF version)

Consultation with the PSA

As members know, consultation on the impacts of the redevelopment of large residential centres has been ongoing for a long time but it was just a little over two years ago that negotiations began in earnest. At the start of the current formal process on 5 June 2014, the Industrial Relations Working Party (IRWP) was put together to facilitate the consultation.

The IRWP meets monthly to provide a platform for consultation between FACS managers and union representatives during the closure of the ADHC large residential centres at Stockton, Tomaree and Kanangra.

There are also regular meetings to discuss the different issues facing direct and indirect support staff in the transfer of the service to the private sector.

The redevelopment plan requires the progressive transition of clients to 88 new specialist disability properties currently being constructed, or tendered for construction over the next 18 months.

Although a small number of the new homes will initially be run by ADHC, the NSW Government’s intention is that all will eventually be run by the private sector and ADHC will cease to be the employer. Your union, the PSA, remains opposed to the privatisation of public disability services and will continue to fight the transfer of services to the private sector.

The Change Management Plan – information for staff

Plans for redevelopment of the centres are set out in the Change Management Plan (CMP) HERE and further explained in the Q&A from the staff forums HERE.

Staff have options for retraining as set out in the CMP and the Workforce Readiness Strategy HERE.

Members are urged to read these documents and raise any concerns with their PSA delegate Sharon May.

PSA Organisers are available to meet with you and your colleagues to discuss the redevelopment and any other issues.

Haven’t been visited lately?  Email us to request a visit from a PSA Organiser: .  Make sure you include details of preferred dates, times and venues, together with a contact name and number and we will be in touch.

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