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After Hours Response Team calls snap 24-hour strike

The After Hours Response Team (AHRT) has called a snap 24-hour strike from 4:30pm 23/04/2024. This is in response to chronic overwork, systemic bullying and ongoing mismanagement.

The action comes after two highly respected managers were stood down without notice last month and a series of unilateral changes were made to operational arrangements, This has led to chaotic and unsafe situations.

PSA General Secretary Stewart Little said chronic overwork, staff suspensions and unreasonable workplace directives need to be addressed.

“We’ve written to the Department, we’ve written to the Minister, we’ve been to the Industrial Relations Commission,” he said. “We’ve urged the Department to adjust its approach and get back to the table and negotiate constructively with staff.

“We’ve told anyone who will listen that this is a powder-keg situation and untenable.

“AHRT staff have had enough and we’re supporting our members.”

PSA members are:

Advised the AHRT strike is authorised.
Directed not to do the work of the AHRT and those members on strike.

For further information please call 0408 223 276.

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