Call for Nominations for the Community Corrections Departmental Committee - Public Service Association

Call for Nominations for the Community Corrections Departmental Committee


The Community Corrections Departmental Committee shall consist of 14 delegates and one representative from the CSNSW Psychology Advisory Group.

GROUP A ELECTORATES: Electorates 1-2 are described by function.

Members are required to restrict their nominations to the Group A electorates as described by function if they work within those areas.

GROUP B ELECTORATES – Electorates 3–9 : Members who are outside the function areas specified above are included in the Group B electorates.


2020 Delegates Required

GROUP A ELECTORATES Group A (Electorates 1-2) are described by function
Electorate 1 Administration – Metro 1
Electorate 2 Administration – Regional 1
GROUP B ELECTORATES Group B (Electorates 3-9) are described by location
Electorate 3 Metro (SYDNEY H/O) 5
Electorate 4 HUNTER (Newcastle PSA Office) 2
Electorate 5 NORTH COAST (Lismore PSA Office) 1
Electorate 6 NORTH WEST (Tamworth PSA Office) 1
Electorate 7 CENTRAL WEST(Bathurst PSA Office) 1
Electorate 8 SOUTH WEST (Wagga PSA Office) 1
Electorate 9 SOUTH EAST (Wollongong PSA Office) 1
 TOTAL:   14



Each nomination must be seconded by two other members in the same electorate as the nominee. Nominees, nominators and seconders must be financial members of the Association as at Tuesday, 26 May 2020.

Nominations must be submitted via Survey Monkey.

Nominations will close on 17 June 2020. Forms must be completed via Survey Monkey by 4pm on Wednesday, 17 June 2020.

If there is a ballot, candidates who wish to have a profile available for voters to read should provide a brief statement of 300 words or less stating how they will best represent members’ interests. Space is provided for this purpose on the form available through Survey Monkey.

J Campbell

for G R Bensley
Deputy Returning Officer

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