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Like unions, the Voice gives Aboriginal people a better say in issues that affect them.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have lived in Australia for 65,000 years. They have asked for the Voice to improve their lives. We, as union members, have to listen to them.

The PSA CPSU NSW’s advisory bodies, such as our Departmental Committees, Vocational Branches and our very own Aboriginal Council work with your union’s leadership, not against it. The Voice will work the same way with our Parliament;
a Yes vote will create an advisory body that will work with the Federal and State Governments to better deliver services and assistance to Aboriginal people.

It is an advisory body and will not be making any laws.

For more than a century, Australia’s proud union movement has been at the vanguard of social issues in our country. We have led the way in women’s suffrage and rights at work, the 1967 referendum, the Green Bans and marriage equality. By saying Yes, union
members will continue this proud tradition of making Australia a fairer country for all.


A Proposed Law: to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. Do you approve this proposed alteration?

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As a union member, you are part of Australia’s biggest social movement. Your union’s strength lies in its size; the more voices we have, the greater our power to bargain for better pay, conditions and benefits. Join your union today.

  • Collective strength; being a union member gives you a stronger voice when dealing with your employer
  • Standing up for your job: the PSA campaigns for a better-funded, strong public service
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