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Australian Unity member update

Australian Unity member update - October 2017 (PDF version) JCC meeting held on 9 October 2017 On Monday 9 October 2017 the Australian Unity Joint Consultative Committee meeting was held at PSA House. Attendees PSA/CPSU representatives and delegates: Dean Allen (PSA Industrial Officer), Siobhan Callinan (PSA Senior Organiser), Tania Shipman, Jyotsna Chaudhary, Loretta Wilson. Management representatives: Cameron Holland, Executive General Manager – Home & Disability…

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Australian Unity - Change of hours and workload

Australian Unity - Change of hours and workload - Sept 2017 (PDF version) The CPSU NSW has been working with your delegates to gather information on workload issues across the state so we can raise these matters with Australian Unity (AU) on your behalf and work to resolve them. The CPSU NSW met recently with Australian Unity. At this meeting we discussed the following: Discussing…

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Australian Unity decentralisation of Customer Care Hub for Home and Disability Services

Australian Unity - decentralisation of Customer Care Hub - Sept. 2017 (PDF version) At a meeting between your union, the CPSU NSW and Australian Unity on 21 September 2017, we were advised of a proposed restructure and changes to the Customer Care Hub in Parramatta. In short, Australian Unity advised of its intention to create a fully decentralised rostering model to be completed by the…

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FACS & Australian Unity PSA/CPSU meeting notice Mid North Coast

FACS and Australian Unity PSA CPSU meeting notice Mid North Coast - August 2017 (PDF version) PSA/CPSU NSW Regional Organiser Asren Pugh and Senior Organiser (FACS Team) Siobhan Callinan will be attending FACS and Australian Unity worksites in Coffs Harbour, Kempsey and Port Macquarie from 28 August to 1 September. They will be available to talk to members and non-members about workplace issues, privatisation and…

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CPSU NSW Australian Unity survey results

CPSU NSW Australian Unity survey results - August 2017 (PDF version) Why did we do a survey? The PSA recently conducted a survey of CPSU NSW members. We collected data on a number of identified member concerns and measured their prevalence across Australian Unity more broadly. We received an excellent response, with 125 participants taking time to complete the survey. All answers will be kept…

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