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Community Services Bulletin – media coverage in the Daily Telegraph

Community Services bulletin re Media coverage in the Daily Telegraph (PDF version)

Dear Members,

You will be aware of the controversy raised through news coverage of Community Services in The Daily Telegraph this week.

You can see the coverage on the front page of the Telegraph on Thursday HERE.

You can see the follow up article today HERE.

Some members have contacted the PSA to raise concerns that they may be targeted, scrutinised or used as a ‘scapegoat’ by Family and Community Services (FACS) as a consequence of the media coverage. Members have also contacted the PSA to support the concerns raised by the Telegraph. As Michael Coutts-Trotter denies being informed about children sleeping in FACS offices, we will continue to gather evidence which can be used to expose the truth. If you have any information contact the PSA, the source of all information will be kept confidential.

In addition, Community Services Members may have received correspondence advising not to speak to anyone outside the office. The PSA would like to remind you that it is your right to speak with your union representative if you have any concerns.

If any PSA member experiences negative treatment or feels under unfair pressure as a result of the above, contact your union immediately on 1300 772 679.

The PSA is committed to fighting for protecting the rights and well-being of all of our members.

You can see our letter to FACS on this important issue HERE.


In Unity,

Steve Turner
PSA Assistant General Secretary

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