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Community Services Bulletin – Working With Children Check

Dear PSA Members,

Community Services is requiring its staff to pay the $80 fee associated with the Working With Children Check (WWCC).

While it is a legal requirement that all persons who work with children have a current WWCC, the PSA believes that the cost of the WWCC should be borne by the employer and that this is another example of the disregard the current Government has for you as hardworking Public Servants who are now subject to its User Pays Policy.

The PSA advises members to pay for their WWCC and seek reimbursement of that expense through the usual Community Services Policy, ie a petty cash claim. If your request is rejected please contact Michelle Bogatyrov at the PSA immediately with your details at:

The PSA has sought a meeting with the Director General to raise this issue. If the matter is not resolved then the PSA will seek reimbursement for members of the $80.00 fee by lodging a dispute on behalf of members.

Community Services Bulletin – Working With Children Check – September 2013 (PDF)

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