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Community Services Workload planner bulletin

Community Services workload planner bulletin – September 2016 (PDF version)

The PSA met with Michael Coutts-Trotter, Secretary and Deidre Mulkerin, Deputy Secretary on Monday 15 August.  Steve Turner, Assistant General Secretary, Thane Pearce, Senior Industrial Advocate, Micah Thompson, Caseworker and Brendan McMenamin, Chair of the DC, were present.

In recent weeks Steve spent some time visiting CSCs across the state, and speaking to staff about the challenges they face at work. The meeting with the FACS Secretary followed recent correspondence from Steve highlighting staff concerns over resourcing, workload pressures and their impact on staff health and wellbeing. See that letter HERE.

The Secretary made it clear FACS shares the PSA’s concerns on workload and the need to properly support staff.

As part of this discussion, the PSA pushed for greater use of the workload planner, the benefits of better planning and the importance of managing caseworker workloads, including regular quality supervision.

FACS supported this approach and we agreed to revisit, review and where relevant update the tool following the roll out of Child Story in 2017.

We now have an agreed position on the work load planner, and a joint statement with FACS which you can read HERE.

Additionally, Dr Martin Daly at the School of Human Ethics at Western Sydney University is undertaking research into the health and safety of employees working in child protection. He has asked that we distribute his details so that people can contact him if they are willing to participate in the research. Read more details HERE.

The PSA encourages all workers within Community Services in FACS to participate as this will provide valuable information and inform future discussion on health and safety and workforce planning.

Steve Turner
Assistant General Secretary

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