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Court Officers’ Bulletin – 23 February 2015

Court Officers’ Bulletin – 23 February 2015 (PDF version)


Radical cuts in staffing levels across the public sector have resulted in significant workload impacts on public servants in all agencies, including Court Officers employed by the Justice Department.

Court Officers assist in the effective operation of courts across NSW and, like all areas of the public sector, were subjected to significant cuts and recruitment suspensions. The end result being excessive workloads and a reduction in security in the courts.


Your union and your Court Officers’ Vocational Branch have worked tirelessly for a long time to alleviate the chronic understaffing and workload issues affecting Court Officers.

As a result of this persistence, a recruitment campaign for Court Officers was finally undertaken by the Department. Following an intensive two week training program, fifteen (15) new Court Officers have now been appointed to serve metropolitan courts.

Whilst this recruitment round will not completely resolve the understaffing of Court Officers, it is a great leap forward for our members. It has also presented an opportunity for a number of people who were employed on a temporary or casual basis to gain ongoing employment.

A further eight Court Officers will be recruited in the near future.

Where to now?

This is a significant victory for the PSA and the Court Officers’ Vocational Branch. All PSA members should be proud of this achievement. This outcome highlights the importance of strong and active union members working together for a common goal.

It is important also to keep the momentum going and for members to continue to fight for safe working conditions so that they can continue to provide effective public services.

What can you do?

Talk to your colleagues about joining the PSA. This outcome is a clear demonstration of the power of joining together to achieve positive outcomes.

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