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CPSU SPSF NSW Branch – New ballot material and extension of closing date

CPSU SPSF NSW Branch – New ballot material and extension of closing date (PDF version)

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) have advised that they have made an error in relation to the CPSU SPSF NSW branch election material.

The AEC has decided to send new ballot papers to members.

Those who have already voted will need to vote again when they receive their new ballot papers later this week.

You can read the notice from the Returning Officer HERE.

The closing date will now be extended to 6 July 2016.

This email has not been sent to POA (Professional Officers Association) members as their original ballot is still valid and their closing date remains 22 June.

For all other members, please note, if you have voted, YOU WILL NEED TO VOTE AGAIN once you receive the new ballot papers and associated material.

The running of the SPSF (CPSU) election is the responsibility of the Australian Electoral Commission and as such the union does not incur any costs in relation to it.

As the PSA advised on 30 May, there are two union elections this year in which all members are entitled to vote.

These two separate elections occur every four years and the outcome determines the leadership of the union:

  • the State Public Services Federation (SPSF) branch of the CPSU which is occurring now
  • the PSA election which will be held later this year

All members of the PSA are automatically a member of the SPSF branch of the CPSU and therefore entitled to vote.

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