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Department of Finance Services & Innovation Flexible Working Hours Agreement update

Department of Finance Services and Innovation Flexible Working Hours Agreement Update – January 2016 (PDF version)

On 7 January 2016, the Deputy Secretary Corporate Services, on behalf of the DFSI Executive, sent an initial draft DFSI Flexible Working Hours Agreement to all staff.

The PSA, Professionals Australia and delegates met on 21 January to discuss how to challenge this draft agreement, which diminishes your entitlements. We met with management later the same day and argued against the draft agreement.

The draft states under section 2.1.9 that:

“No employee covered by the Agreement will suffer any loss or diminution in their conditions of employment as a consequence of the Agreement.”

On the basis of the current draft this statement is incorrect. The current draft agreement, if implemented, will undermine conditions of employment by:

  • extending core hours for some categories of employees
  • limiting the availability of flex leave over a four-week period from two days to one day
  • limiting the maximum lunch break to one hour.

These are some of the attacks on your entitlements. The PSA we will continue our fight to protect your flexible working provisions.

Please keep in contact with your delegates and continue to provide your feedback to to help us obtain the best outcome possible.

Please encourage all friends and colleagues to join the PSA.


Joanne Edsor

Mark Adamson

Cassandra Coleman

Garth Nolan

Christine Baillie

Kathy Maltby

Alan White

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