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Fire and Rescue – Members Survey Feedback Bulletin

Fire and Rescue – Members Survey Feedback Bulletin – 5 October 2016 (PDF Version)

Thank you to those members who took the time to fill out the recent PSA Fire and Rescue Survey. From those responses we have compiled the following feedback:

  1. Communication

Fifty-two percent of PSA members responded they did not consider there was transparent communication from management around the move to Greenacre. Some members were concerned there had been misleading information around access to public transport and there was a general concern that there had been a lack of proper consultation with staff.

  1. Information requests

A number of PSA members reported they had not received any response from management after requesting additional information. Additionally there were also concerns some of the information being provided was subject to ongoing change.

  1. Parking

Members are fairly comfortable as to the safety issues around the car parking. In general, comments were positive, but some members were concerned about the safety late at night.

  1. Public transport

There was a very high level of dissatisfaction amongst members with 80 percent of responses stating they found the public transport access to the site to be less than satisfactory and quite difficult.

Issues raised by members were the frequency of buses, poor shelter and cost of travel.

  1. Activity-based work stations

Another high level of dissatisfaction from members, with more than 78 percent of respondents opposed, is the introduction of activity-based work stations (‘hotdesking’). Overwhelmingly, members have stated the need to have permanent work stations. A number of WHS issues in relation to this proposal, along with productivity losses, were also raised.

  1. PSA member lunch-time meetings

PSA members were very supportive of establishing regular workplace meetings. PSA Organising staff will work closely with your delegates to establish these meetings for you.

The below dates are the planned location visits for the remainder of 2016 from 12 Noon to 1pm.

Wednesday 2 November – Greenacre Office

Wednesday 7 December – Sydney Office

A meeting notice with Venue and Room will be sent to members prior to each meeting.

PSA follow up

The PSA will also meet with Fire and Rescue management to provide them with the information obtained from this survey and to start looking at what areas can be addressed to meet members concerns.

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