Fire & Rescue NSW Newsletter - June 2014 - Public Service Association

Fire & Rescue NSW Newsletter – June 2014


This is another bulletin to try to keep you informed in regard to the move of staff from the Head Office in Elizabeth Street to the Greenacre site.

As previously advised, the PSA, after raising concerns about lack of consultation, is holding monthly meetings with FRNSW to keep us informed.

The PSA continues to welcome our members’ views and concerns including comments regarding the information in this Newsletter.

As advised by FRNSW, a ‘Ways of Working’ Group has been established. This is meant to be representative of the employees moving to Greenacre. We are told that the group are meant to consider widely and openly how a new office can work giving room to more flexibility.

Draft Plans have been developed and we were told at the last meeting that all staff at Head Office have been provided with that document and that briefings have or will occur to explain it and receive feedback.

It is meant for the representatives on the ‘Ways of Working’ Group to provide those briefings. The PSA views this as essential to allow you to be able to give your own feedback effectively.

There appears to be an intention to have a more flexible environment on where people will work in the building (not being restricted to the one particular desk, for example). We would be interested in people’s views on this.

From the very outset the PSA has stated that we need to be properly, and in a timely way, informed regarding the demolition of the building on the site of the intended new structure.

Before this occurs, FRNSW will seek to have the plans finalised as the one contractor will be given the responsibility for the demolition of the current building, the construction of the new, and the final fitout. It would be anticipated that one contractor should ensure a more organised and streamlined process.

The PSA has been told it will be provided with a demolition plan in advance.

The PSA raised concerns about the time frames of this move and have sought clarity about backup plans in case of problems.

PSA delegate, Diane Cornish, has recently moved from the Head Office site to Greenacre. As such, we are seeking further assistance from members in Head Office. We would also be happy to hold meetings with members.

Please make sure you have your say and that you are heard. You can certainly contact the PSA but also express your views to the ‘Ways of Working’ Group, your Work Health & Safety representative and your Managers.

Make sure you are heard.


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