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Housing outsourcing under construction

Housing outsourcing under construction 19 September 2014 (PDF version)

The day PSA members addressed the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Outsourcing of Tenancy Management of Social Housing, it was announced that the NSW Government plans to expedite the transfer of public housing to community providers, thereby predetermining the outcome of the Inquiry.

On 8 September 2014, PSA delegates from Housing NSW – Delegates Sonia Rhodes and Leonie Donohue accompanied by Industrial Advocate Michelle Bogatyrov were invited to give evidence at the Inquiry.

The evidence that was provided supported the PSA’s submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry which included extensive input from members.

The Inquiry received a total of 34 submissions from various interested stakeholders can be found HERE.

The PSA submission can be found on the PSA website.

The Inquiry were very interested in the evidence provided by the PSA and requested that delegates submit additional information relating to the manner in which Community Housing Providers allocate properties and the benefits of Capital Works under NBESP that have been allocated to these providers.

Towards the end of the proceedings during additional question time, the Member for Maroubra, Michael Daley, who was also a member of the panel, advised that the Legislative Council had just handed down their report into Social, Public and Affordable Housing.

Mr Daley directed us to Recommendation 21 of that Report which states:

“That the NSW Government expedite the transfer of public housing properties to community housing providers via long term leases to:

  • Ensure further growth in the supply of social and affordable housing
  • Promote the expansion of ‘wrap around’ services.

That the NSW Government also review the target that the community housing sector comprise at least 35 per cent of all social housing and assess the performance of property title transfers and leveraging.”

This recommendation in effect pre-determines the outcome of the Parliamentary Inquiry.

The PSA and delegates will continue to gather further evidence and documentation to support their stance that Outsourcing Tenancy Management or any service provided by Housing NSW is detrimental to the complex needs of the clients they service.

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