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Insecure employment arrangements

One of the biggest concerns our members have is the increasing use of insecure employment arrangements.

In the last 10 years the proportion of NSW public sector workers employed on temporary contracts has increased by 56%.

Precarious employment across the sector is now at the point that one in five workers is either a temporary or casual employee.

From 24 February 2015, Departments are expected to be compliant with the new temporary employment provisions of the Government Sector Employment Act.

This includes a limitation on the length of temporary employment to four years (within a five year period).

The massive build-up in temporary employees in the last few years means that potentially thousands of workers will have exceeded this time period and will be technically unable to be extended beyond this date unless they are made permanent beforehand.   If the four-year plus temporary staff are not converted it will not only impact on them but also those who remain and whose workload may become unmanageable.

The PSA is fighting to protect the rights of our temporary members and has written to each Department/Agency seeking among other things a copy of their finalised transitional plan for temporary employees.

The Association has also met with the Public Service Commissioner about our concerns, particularly the 24 February deadline for the conversion of temporary employees with more than four years’ service.

In addition we have lodged a dispute in relation to a specific agency’s implementation of the provisions under the GSE Act.

Today I have written to the Public Service Commissioner outlining the need for action, including consideration of an extension to the 24 February deadline.

Click HERE to read a copy of our letter.

The PSA will continue to fight for members who are temporary employees and updates will be provided.   Some responses have been received from Agencies about their implementation plans.  Once these have been collated we will consult with Delegates in your Departments/Agencies to identify specific issues. In consultation with PSA Delegates, we will then determine what action is required.

In unity


Anne Gardiner
General Secretary

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