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LMBR member feedback from 1 August – 10 November, 2016.


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This term with extra schools going on line EBS4 has slowed down and we have again been receiving “exception error” messages. We then have to log out and back in. After doing this the printers are missing for reports in EBS4. So you have to log out again and restart the computer to get working properly.



You need a Yes/Sometimes/No

LMBR is working out well, as I have stated before. Initially there was additional work to be done but we have well and truly moved forward from that. I do get paid overtime and have a very competent staff.



Since the second rollout of LMBR commenced EBS4 has been extremely slow and is freezing.



I would like to advise of a concern I have in relation to the training environment for LMBR at xxxx.

We have been housed in a classroom with the following items.

1. Plastic chairs (not typing chairs)

2. Using Netbooks as the training computers. These netbooks are not appropriate in my opinion for training due to

a) Screen size too small to accommodate the data base of the programs for LMBR

b) As requested in training we are required to refer back to the QRG’s on the screen. We don’t have 2 screens to display the QRGs and some girls are endeavouring to have both the QRGs and program opened on the small screen

c) Keypad is not standard keyboard – smaller and suited to students rather than adults

I have eye strain and suffered a headache from the use of these. I have lodged an incident and if my eyes continue to feel strained will seek a doctor’s appointment. I feel that other training venues (Warilla) have full computer screens and typist chairs. I raised this issue with the coordinators and they will endeavour to furnish a larger screen for my use. My concern is that speaking to other participants that they also have had an issue with eye strain.

As the PSA are interested in our concerns, I am sending this for your reference.



The system makes SASS people look like they do not have a brain that can make correct decisions. It is so BLACK AND WHITE with no options for outside the square.



Extra work load and a new system to learn with minimal training if any…



After working with LMBR for nearly 3 years I still feel that it is not the system for schools, the are some aspects that are good, but overall it continues to be problematic, it has increased workloads significantly and our rates of pay definitely do not reflect the level of work that we are doing



Started to look at Equipment register early last year. Had issues, revisited when more time was available. Have partially done site stocktake but in process of trying to update multiple items. Issues again. Nightmare all over again. Doesn’t give people much confidence in wanting to attempt things. I have put 3 days next week aside with one of my SAO’s to see if we proceed any further. I was trying to upload multiple items and that has created the incident above. Problems again. Have had some cover during the 3 years but very limited.



This term has seen the EBS4 system slow down again and we are experiencing error messages on a daily basis. The error message is “exception guard”. The computer freezes but logging out and back in does not fix the problem as when you log back in the default printers used for reports are missing. The only way to fix the problem is to turn off the computer and then turn it back on. You can then log back in and there is no problem with the printers.



The main problem is the training facilities. Lap tops, seating. Eye strain, course is extremely fast paced, long days with 2 breaks only. Trying to complete LMBR tasks, normal weekly school duties and no time just to read over LMBR.






There are too many issues to put into this box to be honest. My current issue is related to Primary School Staff (understaffed as we know) entering absences without consulting the staff about this. When we were training for LMBR specifically EBS4 Client & Agent, we were not really told to the extent that the absences would create an issue for our workload. What is currently occurring is that now when a teacher is absent this means that the casual will fill in a paper roll and send to the office. Once this is entered into EBS4 by the SAS member it overwrites the teachers roll and they will no longer have access to that day. This then means that any absence notes that are sent in by parents are now having to be entered by SAS staff because the teacher cannot anymore. In a small school this probably would not matter but in a larger school this is huge. We have doubled our workload entering absences now and it was really put on us without consultation because of the system restrictions. How was this allowed? There is a lot of double handling when I send the online absences to teachers, they have to send it back for me to enter because they won’t have access to it. You cannot really give casuals access as they are not the same casuals (all different ones and new ones) I have spoken with other staff and it doesn’t help that other SAS from schools are willing to do this as it put’s pressure on other schools to continue doing it even though they are overloaded. On top of everything else we have to deal with I am certainly annoyed that this occurred….it was like it was slipped in without us noticing. To me this is a huge system flaw where it was designed so that admin staff (that don’t have time) are being forced to enter absences. Not sure how this happened?



The group 4 SASS recieved the below e-mail from our Principal Leader for the xxxx and xxxx areas:

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day ;)))
We have been asked to forward the GREAT NEWS that the following LMBR Training Systems will be available throughout the school holidays:

SAP: 24 hours, 7 days/week.
ebs4 (Agent and Client): from 7:00am until 6:00pm
Synergy: 24 hours, 7 days/week.

Thanks everyone.
To insinuate that we can all go on and work in the holidays is unnacceptable. Principals did not recieve this email.

I await you reply.

Thanking you






Untold stress, all office staff feel this even if they are not directly dealing with LMBR as they need to take up the slack when LMBR users are stuck trying to resolve/correct LMBR errors. School struggling to recoup subject fees as so many problems with invoicing, including but not exclusive to, incorrect addresses, excursions appearing on invoices as fees, problems with opening balances etc. Need for face to face training on LMBR as Adobe sessions do not answer all questions.



I have been very lucky as a 229 school that my school has totally supported my during this horrendous journey. I now want my SAO to be included in the next lot of LMBR training … the other schools are getting the training why aren’t the 229 schools included if they have staff that want too move onto another school as a SAM or relieve the SAM in their school. I requested that my relieving SAM be included in the BPC training over the next couple of weeks but was told “small classes” restrict numbers too 2 per school…. again “in house training”.


10005 Just thought you might like an update, have not sent anything through for a while. In SAP the tasklist is extremely frustrating and has always been so, it continually times out. You could be using the tasklist and when you go to the next item in the list it has decided to time out. You have to log completely out of the portal and log back in.
I rang the helpline and had to wait quite a while so decided to take the recommendation to log the query online only to have the online system not work – so back to the phone once again.
They are going to put the incident to the higher level support but feel there is not likely much that can be done.



At xxxx Public School, we currently have 3 permanent SAS staff members. I have been advised that only 2 SAS staff members are able to attend LMBR training. I have discussed this with our School Principal and she has approved the extra funding required to allow ALL 3 staff members to attend LMBR training. Unfortunately, there are limited spaces available! This initiative is bigger than ERN, I strongly believe that ALL permanent SAS staff members should have access to basic LMBR training.


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