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LMBR member feedback from 30 April – 18 May 2016.

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Office area and work stations are too cramped (ie 2 screens required), not WH&S compliant and is causing considerable stress and physical discomfort to the office manager and officer.


School is now expanding with new estates in the immediate area.  The office is in an old demountable.


The office staff are working on LMBR training and pre-deployment activities as well as the normal running of a school office in an area that does not enable efficient work practice.

9196 On-going issue with some addresses not flowing from ERN to EBS4. We first reported this issue in 2014. We have been told that we have to phone and log a call for each incident that we identify.  I have just spent 20 minutes on the phone with shared services to get this one address pushed from ERN to EBS4.
9192 My issue is that yes we are seeing and practising the new systems, but we dont have the time to consolidate when we are back in our schools.  As I can see it everytime we are to do something we will need to read and find the QRG’s.  Yes, this will help but will just take more time.  Also today I received three purchasing cards (linked to my school), but they are for another school.   I was told to mail them on to correct school, but they are still linked to my school.  This is not giving me much confidence ……. thanks for your time and support.

The invoice was sent by xxxx to Shared Services. I don’t know what happened but it was not processed by them. I received a copy of the invoice and did the confirmation on 29/3/2016. We have just received a statement from xxxx with a copy of the invoice indicating that it is outstanding.


When looking at the system, shared services have not processed the invoice. You can see the original shopping cart, the PO, confirmation but no invoice. I have just sent Shared Services a copy of the original invoice.


It is interesting to note that Shared Services want all the invoices sent to them directly.  This is another example of that system not working.

9189 There is updates done without notification of the changes made to 229 schools. We find them by chance when we discover we can’t do something the way we had previously and have to make a phone call for advice. Waste of our time!
9187 When phoning shared services, the wait time before your call is answered by a person can be excessive. We have waited up to 40 minutes to speak to someone.  On a number of occasions I have waited 20 minutes. Schools are very busy places and we simply don’t have time to wait on the phone.
9182 I want to bring attention  to the departments lack of forward planning in ensuring there are experienced casuals available for schools to engage.  The expectation that we will do the training, carry our work load back at school, consolidate and practice what we have learnt and train other staff.  This is almost an impossible task.  I am a SAM of many years experience and are finding this process quite stressful.  The training we are undertaking is actually a familiarisation of the system.  We are in no way ready to use the new system.  The rigid time frame and daily training time limits coupled with no flexibility for anything outside the square is causing a lot of us concern.  There are a number of us who had leave booked prior to this starting and there appears to be nothing in place to bring us up to date with the training once we return.  It is miss a training session and that’s it.  We are told we should be grateful that we are getting training the 229 schools didn’t.  The department has an obligation to provide training, grateful has nothing to do with it.  These are just a few of my concerns causing me stress at the moment.

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