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National Parks Rangers deserve better

Letter to SMH – National Parks Rangers deserve better – 24 September 2014 (PDF version)

The remark by Robert Brown of the Shooters Party (“$7150 for each animal killed in hunting trial”, September 24) likening National Parks rangers to “toilet cleaners” is ignorant in the extreme. This type of attitude is deeply troubling as it feeds directly into the same broad disrespect for public servants we saw following the shooting of Glen Turner and the subsequent appalling political posturing.

The fact is that as a minimum qualification National Parks Rangers must have a degree in natural sciences.

As part of their day to day duties these officers not only care for flora and fauna, but are called upon to perform many other services – often at great risk to themselves.

In the past this has included the investigation of trip-wired cannabis plantations and drug labs.

They are also involved in annual bushfire fighting efforts.

The most regular threat to their safety, however, is the danger they face when confronting illegal hunters on park land.

This is done after hours at night by unarmed staff, yet they are required to step into situations where they often face intoxicated individuals carrying guns and knives.

These rangers do important work on behalf of the people of NSW.

Anne Gardiner
General Secretary
Public Service Association of NSW
160 Clarence St
Sydney NSW 2000

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