National Protest 4 March - Public Service Association

National Protest 4 March

National day of action header medium Feb 2015

Fight for our rights nationwide protest

12:30pm 4 March 2015
Parliament House
Macquarie Street Sydney

10:00am 4 March 2015
Newcastle Town Hall

Our rights at work are again under attack from the Abbott Government and employers.

Just last week it became even clearer that the full scale Productivity Commission inquiry into our rights at work could deliver cuts to penalty rates, the abolition of the minimum wage, bring back unfair individual contracts and swing even more power to the employers.

The time to stand up and fight back is now. Let’s march together with thousands of our neighbours, workmates, friends and families at a national rally on Wednesday 4 March.

We can’t stand by while the Abbott Government destroys our living standards by:

  • cutting wages, conditions and our rights at work,
  • slashing Medicare and hiking up the cost to see a doctor,
  • introducing $100,000 university degrees,
  • cutting the ABC and our public services,
  • cutting the pension and superannuation,
  • implementing harsh changes to unemployment benefits, and
  • cutting community services that support our most vulnerable.

If you have had enough and want to stand up for an Australia where seeing a doctor or going to university isn’t dependent on how big your bank balance is, where you have a secure job with a decent wage and where we don’t leave the next generation with less rights than we had, then join in the fight.

Block Wednesday 4 March in your diary and start encouraging your friends, family and co-workers to join us… because the bigger the crowd, the stronger the message we send.

Times and locations will be confirmed in coming days, but you can register your interest in attending now and we will send you updates.

Let’s make it crystal clear to the Abbott Government and their big business supporters: we didn’t vote for these cuts and we won’t sit back while you attack our living standards.

The Time is Now

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