Next 2.5% wage case lodged - Public Service Association

Next 2.5% wage case lodged

At its meeting on 8 April, the PSA’s Central Council resolved the following:

“That the PSA immediately file applications to vary the following awards by 2.5%:

1.      Crown Employees (Public Sector- Salaries 2008) Award

2.      Crown Employees (Audit Office) Award 2009.

3.      Crown Employees (Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal 2012) Award.

4.      Crown Employees (Independent Transport Safety Regulator) Award 2011.

5.      Crown Employees (Roads and Maritime Services Division of the Government Service of New South Wales – Salaried Staff Salaries and Conditions of Employment) Award.

6.      Crown Employees Wages Staff (Rates of Pay) Award 2011.

7.      Independent Commission Against Corruption Award.

8.      Landcom Award 2010.

9.      Livestock Health and Pest Authorities Salaries and Conditions Award.”

That the PSA pursues a 1 year term and further, that the PSA oppose any attempt to include a “no extra claims” clause in the awards, provided that the pay increase achieved is payable from the first full pay period in July.”

Under the Government’s wages law we are only able to claim 2.5% a year.

Any increase in excess of 2.5% must be balanced with a trade-off of conditions, a measure to which the PSA will not agree.

The acceptance of a “no extra claims” clause would restrict our ability to raise and defend a range to defend a range of other matters that may arise over the course of the terms of these awards.

The existing awards expire on 30 June.

The PSA lodged the award variations on 9 April.

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