NSW Police Bulletin re Listening meetings - Performance Development - Capability Framework - Public Service Association

NSW Police Bulletin re Listening meetings – Performance Development – Capability Framework

NSW Police bulletin re Listening meetings – 22 July 2015 (PDF version)


Under the Government Sector Employment (GSE) Act (Section 67), the Public Service Commission (PSC) is introducing a series of reforms, including the Capability Framework and the Performance Development Framework, which are aimed at producing a high-performance culture in the NSW public sector.

The Capability Framework contains 16 core capabilities on which all roles in the NSW public sector are based. These ‘role descriptions’ contain the focus capabilities (and level of capabilities) you need to demonstrate. Not all agencies have introduced role descriptions based on the Capability Framework as yet and potential exists for unfair and inequitable performance management systems to be created within agencies.

The PSA is keen to empower members and make sure that the reforms are carried out in a way that is consistent and equitable.

Your Feedback

In view of this, the PSA is consulting with members via ‘listening’ meetings so that members may have an opportunity to identify any concerns and provide input into the process. Points to consider will include:

  • How can we ensure learning and development is undertaken in a fair and effective way?
  • What does a fair and reasonable performance management system look like?

Meetings are being scheduled at various locations. If you would like a meeting at your workplace, and you have ten people who are willing to attend, please make contact with the PSA Organiser below.

Your feedback will be used to inform the PSA’s position paper on the Performance Development Framework and negotiations with the Public Service Commission. The position paper will be provided to all members once completed.

Contact: Lee Coulton at


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