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Objecting to Psychometric Testing in Government Services

Objecting to Psychometric Testing in Government Services 15 May 2015 (PDF version)

Dear PSA/CPSU Member,

PSA/CPSU has been informed that Water NSW has commenced psychometric testing, and is proposing to roll out psychometric testing in its new recruitment policy. This poses a range of significant issues that should be discussed with the Union to ensure it will only be used when required, and with appropriate safe-guards and accountability.

The Public Service Commissioner has indicated an interest in some form of psychometric testing. As a result, the Union wrote to the Commissioner to meet with him and work through the significant number of concerns the PSA/CPSU has around the use of psychometric testing in recruitment. As this is a government sector wide issue being introduced, the PSA/CPSU believes no government sector agency should introduce psychometric testing until this consultation has taken place and clear guidelines are provided to agencies. You can read the letter to the Commissioner HERE.

The PSA/CPSU is seeking assurances clear guidelines will be provided to government sector agencies around the use of psychometric testing, where and how it can be used, the nature and scope of its use, and how it will be monitored and checked to ensure there is no negative impacts on transparency and ethical recruitment. Importantly, all recruitment practices should be designed to increase the diversity of the public service, so the use of psychometric testing should enhance, and not negatively impact, on the demographic of the government sector.

With Water NSW commencing the use of psychometric testing for senior managers and proposing to roll it out with general recruitment, the PSA/CPSU wrote to the CEO of Water NSW demanding this ceases until the consultation with the NSW Public Service Commissioner is finalised and clear guidelines have been issued with the appropriate checks and balances provided to government sector agencies. You can read a copy of this letter HERE.

So that your colleagues can be fully informed, please forward this email to other Water NSW staff. Ask your colleagues to join the PSA/CPSU so we can continue to fight for all our public service and government sector members

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