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Office of Sport Reforms – August 2016 (PDF version)

The State Government has requested a response through the GSE Act of a “blended delivery approach” to reforms in the Office of Sport (OoS). The new financial year brings on the commencement of the new structure which includes the Sports Infrastructure Group and the Sport Development Group.

The PSA continues to consult with OoS regarding its review of all branches as it is proposing a shared-services strategy approach in order to standardise services across the four entities – Corporate Services, Sydney Olympic Park Authority, Venues NSW and Office of Sport. Joint Consultative Committee Meetings (JCC) are scheduled quarterly, and the PSA Industrial Advocate is accompanied by delegates from Administration, Venues NSW and Sport and Recreational Centres.

Despite a Chief Executive’s recent report praising Sport and Recreational Centres and the high service standards staff provide, the continued uncertainty regarding the future of these centres has caused major stress and anxiety for members.

The “exploration” of “opportunities” to improve business outcomes and the scoping of the centres for their business case are due for completion in October 2016, before being presented to NSW cabinet. A recommendation from cabinet is not expected until January 2017. If approved, the new operating arrangements in Centres may be in place by 2019. Information on all reform projects are available on the intranet for viewing.

The PSA has written to the OoS Chief Executive, Matt Miller, expressing its concern for the future of the eight affected centres. You can view the letter HERE.

We now have a contact person in each centre to keep members connected to the latest information.

We will write to members of both houses of NSW parliament and the opposition to seek support for the continuation of the Sport and Recreational Centres, which are run by highly qualified, professional public servants who presently are bringing in more revenue than ever before whilst offering a very high standard of service for the community.

We plan to contact the Teachers Federation to seek support and assistance for our opposition to any form of privatisation in the Centres.

While the PSA disagrees with the State Government’s intentions to privatise any aspect of the OoS, we will continue consultation with OoS, with the next JCC scheduled for 15 August. To provide feedback and concerns regarding the reforms, contact PSA Industrial Advocate Rachel O’Shea on

The State Government’s exploration of a “blended delivery approach” for the OoS is the latest in a long line of agencies earmarked for privatisation. Land and Property Information, Ageing, Disability and Home Care, Trustee and Guardian, National Parks, Prisons, Child Protection, Public Housing, Roads and Maritime Services, and Health are all areas where the Government is working to transfer public dollars to private interests and reduce its own accountability.

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