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Payrise Update for School Administration Support Staff

Pay Increase

Members, further to our earlier bulletin this week on Winning for members we have been asked from you as to when the pay increase will be paid to SASS staff.

In discussion with the Department of Education (DoE) we are able to advise that the pay increase for SASS staff will be processed in the pay period ending 31 August 2023.

People Matter Employee Survey (PMES).

The People Matter Employee Survey for 2023 will commence from next Monday and we have been asked by DoE to share the following information with you.

The 2023 People Matter Employee Survey (PMES) will be open from Monday 21 August to Friday 15 September. This year, we have heard the voice of our school staff and would like to share the changes that have been made to improve the survey’s value for schools. We ask for your help in encouraging all staff to contribute their feedback.

School-specific changes to the survey

We recognise that the survey language needs to be more relevant to schools to gather meaningful insights. In response, the People Group has worked with School Performance representatives and the Public Service Commission (PSC) to include updated definitions and 3 school-specific custom questions in the survey. People Group will continue to collaborate with School Performance and the PSC to explore further opportunities to improve the survey for schools in coming years.

Driving change with the survey feedback

With the tailored survey in 2023, we hope to improve survey participation and gather enriched feedback to understand our people’s experience at work. With this information, we aim to develop department-wide initiatives and provide more school leaders with valuable insights to guide local actions to improve the experience of staff.

Survey anonymity

We also heard there are concerns around the anonymity and privacy of results. Therefore, we would like to emphasise that the survey is administered by the PSC, which adheres to strict rules around the reporting and usage of collected data. The survey does not collect any identifying information, such as name, date of birth, email address, or employee ID. Work areas only receive reports where 10 or more people in a group have responded. An even stricter lower limit of 30 applies to open text comments and demographic results. As displayed in the results reports, no individual response is reported in connection to text comments or demographic information. More information can be found on the NSW Public Service Commission frequently asked questions.

We need your help to engage the school voice

In 2022, 25,481 school staff completed the PMES (25% of school-based employees).

To better understand the experiences and perspectives of our school-based staff, it is critical that we improve participation in the survey in 2023.

We’re asking for your help in sharing the above information with your members and encouraging school staff participation in the survey.

More information can be found on the NSW Public Service Commission website. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Employee Feedback and Listening team via .

Members, we would encourage you to engage, use your voice and share your experiences in the 2023 People Matter Employee Survey.


PSA Industrial staff

Julie-Ann Bond Industrial Manager
Greg Shaw Senior Industrial Officer
Sharny Chalmers Industrial Officer
Ann Attwater Organiser
Marisa Bosco Organiser
Susan Chee Quee Organiser
Alison Crittenden Organiser
Peta Noke GA Organiser

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