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Plumbing Inspectors: Issues to be addressed with management

Thank you to the members who attended the PSA meeting yesterday.

The union will be advancing the issues raised by members with management over the coming weeks. Below is an outline of the concerns raised by members at the meeting.

Member concerns and questions to be discussed with management:

  1. The system to log the appointments does not work for workers:  PSA will be seeking to discuss options around moving the appointments to on-the-hour including requesting that appointments for the next day be in the system by 4pm and not 4.30?  This will allow Inspectors to check the next day’s inspections in work time.
  2. Is there an understanding that Plumbing Inspectors are on a 9-day fortnight?  If not, is there a way for them to do compressed hours or access flexible working arrangements?
  3. If Inspectors are having to log on in the morning from home to confirm their appointments haven’t changed overnight how is this time recorded and are they being paid overtime or is there a work around?
  4. Have the Plumbing Inspectors been told to start at 8 and finish at 4.20?  Is there a job application that states the hours are 8 till 4.20?
  5. With regard to vehicles:  while it is understood that an Inspector finishes work at the end of their last appointment, if the vehicle is garaged at the Inspector’s home and the Inspector has to return home, put the kilometres in the computer then log off, is there an understanding that the Inspector will not have finished work until that occurs?  In which case, is the Inspector being paid for sitting in traffic for an hour prior to getting home?  If this is not the understanding, is this really private use of the car?
  6. If home is not HQ, are Inspectors who have to log on in the morning to confirm appointments have not changed and then drive to the appointment before being deemed to be starting work, entitled to travel compensation?
  7. Has the business filled its vacant roles?  Does it consider it is at full complement of staff?  If not, what is being done to deal with potential workload and burnout issues?

If there are any issues that are not included in this bulletin that you wish to raise with the PSA please email quoting reference number 220100 with your additions.

The PSA will continue to keep members informed as discussions progress.

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