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Police Special Constables (Security) Award Review

Police Special Constables (Security) Award Review – April 2016 (PDF version)

Changes to your award are long overdue

To improve your conditions, entitlements and pay, the Special Constables (Security) Vocational Advisory Group of the PSA is seeking your endorsement of its log of claims.

Your current award does not adequately reflect or value the work that you do as Special Constables. A log of claims gives a platform for the changes that need to be made, and is a starting point for negotiations with Police.

The Vocational Advisory Group assembled a bargaining team who have put a lot of time and effort into drafting the log of claims, and previous drafts have been circulated to members for comment. The final draft for your approval is HERE

Summary of the log of claims

In short, the log of claims seeks to change the award so that:

  1. Generally, the provisions of the Crown Employees (NSW Police Force Administrative Officers and Temporary Employees) Award 2009 will apply to Special Constables, but only where those provisions are better than the conditions and entitlements you currently have
  2. Pay and leave will be increased
  3. Special Constables will have access to the Police Blue Ribbon Insurance Scheme
  4. Rostering arrangements are formalised
  5. Entitlements to training and uniform are established that are similar to those enjoyed by Police.

Impact of NSW Government Wages Policy

The Vocational Advisory Group is aware that NSW Government Wages Policy which can be found HERE presents challenges for our claims. Some claims will require changes to legislation as well as the award. We will consult with you about this as negotiations progress.

Your support for the log of claims is crucial

Before starting negotiations about your Award, the PSA seeks your approval of the log of claims. You can have your say by voting in our poll. Only members may vote on what the PSA bargains for on behalf of ALL special constables.

Voting closes at 10:00am on Tuesday 26 April 2016, and you can vote HERE

With the support of our members, we will then serve the log of your claims on NSW Police to commence negotiations as soon as possible.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Vocational Advisory Group:

Scott Pitt                                Mark Anglin

Tim Dunne

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