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Privatisation: Update to members

Privatisation: Update to members – 17 October 2016 (PDF Version)

In our last bulletin we advised members the PSA held a telephone conference with Department of Family and Community Services on Thursday 6 October 2016 about the Government’s decision to transfer 18,000 properties to the private sector over the next three years.

The Department has advised:

  • the tender process will commence in early 2017 and transfers of properties will commence in mid-2017
  • the transfer will take three years

That properties will be transferred in the following districts:

  • Mid North Coast
  • Hunter New England District, excluding the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie local government areas
  • Northern Sydney District, excluding the Ivanhoe estate
  • Shoalhaven Local Government area

Impacts for members – PSA fighting for genuine consultation

The Department confirmed the plan to delete 190 positions and close offices in the affected areas after the property transfer.

Your union opposes the privatisation of Public Housing. The PSA will also seek ongoing consultation to protect members’ interests throughout this process.

During the telephone conference, the PSA sought further information in relation to the location and grading of roles to be deleted. Some of this information has been provided by the Department and the PSA will continue to seek information during the consultation process.

The PSA sought consultation about the change-management processes and a meeting will be held on Tuesday 18 October 2016 to commence the consultation process.

PSA pushes for paid time meetings

Due to the serious impacts on staff from this privatisation, the PSA sought paid time meetings with staff. The Department agreed to consider your union’s proposals and we will report back to members on this as information becomes available.

The PSA has already commenced site visits, focusing on impacted sites and is in the process of compiling member feedback.

Request a visit to your worksite

Contact your Organising Team to set up meetings with the PSA. You can email us at to request a meeting. Make sure you include your name, contact details and work address.


  • Attend management meetings about the transfer
  • Provide feedback to Housing delegates and the PSA Members Support Centre
  • Attend PSA meetings throughout the consultation process
  • Get active in your workplace, become a PSA contact or set up a privatisation working party with your colleagues

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