PSA fears Forests NSW corporatisation will lead to axe falling on jobs in regional NSW - Public Service Association

PSA fears Forests NSW corporatisation will lead to axe falling on jobs in regional NSW

The NSW government’s announcement today that Forest NSW will be corporatised is a first move towards the privatisation of state forest management, with substantial risk of job cuts and the erosion of conditions, according to the Public Service Association of NSW (PSA).

Assistant Secretary Shane O’Brien said the union feared up to 600 forestry workers could lose their jobs if Forests NSW was privatised, with significant impacts on families and rural communities.


“We have to see the wood for the trees in the announcement regarding Forests NSW. The changes to Forest NSW are not simply about corporatisation but a step towards privatisation of forest management in our state forests,” Mr O’Brien said today.

“The jobs facing the axe under the privatisation of Forests NSW are overwhelmingly in regional areas. The loss of jobs will not only hit hundreds of rural families hard, but will remove millions of dollars in wages from local economies each year, often in places with limited employment options.

“The PSA is also concerned the State government may shift workers from the protections of the NSW industrial relations system to a federal award.

“Many of our members have specialised forestry skills, and it would be devastating if they were forced to leave their hometown looking for work — assuming similar jobs will even still be available in other regional areas.

“The potential job cuts and loss of conditions at Forest NSW are part of wider cut to services to regional NSW as a result of major changes to the public service and staff cuts at the Department of Primary Industry.

“The Public Service Association is calling on the NSW Government to give its assurance that Forest NSW will not be privatised, and guarantee existing jobs and conditions for workers vital for the management of our state forest resources,” he said.

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