PSA News – 10 February 2014 - Public Service Association

PSA News – 10 February 2014

Premier responds to PSA ‘one punch’ law concerns – prison officers will ‘cope’

On 4 February, the PSA issued a media release in relation to the “one punch” laws, the increase in inmate numbers that will result from mandatory sentencing and the impact this will have on prison officers.

Barry O’Farrell responded to the PSA’s concerns in The Australian the following day.

The article can be viewed HERE

Schools – the Learning Management Business Reform (LMBR)

The PSA has written separately to School Principals and the Parents & Citizens Association regarding the introduction of the LMBR in the 229 Learning Management Business Reform schools.

The letters highlighted the PSA’s concerns with the lack of training and support being provided to School Administrative and Support Staff by the Department of Education and Communities as part of the process.

The Government’s reforms are designed to disguise cuts to public education and the casualisation of staff in schools and as such should be a major concern to every member with a child in the state school system.

The letters can be viewed on this page

Save Medicare rally

A rally to save Medicare is being held on 15 February 2014 at 1pm at Sydney Town Hall.

PSA Member Support Centre 1300 772 679

The PSA’s Member Support Centre (MSC), the union’s call facility, goes live on Monday, 3 March, 2014.

It is your direct line to the PSA in an emergency or if you just require advice and support on a work related matter.

The MSC will ensure all phone calls to the PSA are promptly dealt with.

Remember, it goes live on Monday, 3 March, 2014.

For more about the PSA’s restructure click HERE

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