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Public services or privatisation: where’s the debate?

Today’s Sydney Morning Herald has a very concerning article about the O’Farrell Government’s plan to outsource thousands of public service jobs.

The article specifically mentions Roads and Maritime Services which is still reeling from major job cuts.

The question that must be asked is: if this Government really believes cutting public service jobs is in the public’s best interest, then why the secrecy?

What we do know is:

  • That last year the O’Farrell Government spent half a billion dollars on Labour Hire (Contract 100). This does not include all outsourcing expenses as many of these costs fall under a range of other line items.
  • There has been no evidence provided by the Government to demonstrate that outsourcing resulted in either cost savings or improved provision of public services.
  • That the West Australian Government has had to reconsider its outsourcing of some roads jobs as there was no longer sufficient in house expertise to interpret whether the contracts being proposed by contractors were practical or provided value for money.
  • That in light of recent corruption inquiries, the role of this state’s public servants is becoming more and more important to the people of NSW. It is clear that having a robust and professional public service provides the thin blue line between the state’s assets and potential corruption. The separation of powers is sacrosanct and cannot be outsourced.

The arrogance of the O’Farrell Government in the way it treats its employees is only surpassed by their absolute determination to ignore transparent evidence based decision making.

We call on all members, their families and the community to demand that this Government becomes accountable for its decisions and starts to explain which direction are we headed when it comes to public services.

It’s about time Premier O’Farrell came clean about his plans for the NSW public service.

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Read today’s Sydney Morning Herald article HERE

In Solidarity
Anne Gardiner
General Secretary
Public Service Association of NSW

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