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Roads & Maritime Services bulletin – Public Passenger Services

RMS bulletin – Public Passenger Services – 22 Dec 2015 (PDF version)

Amendments to the Passenger Transport Regulation 2007 (NSW)

The PSA met with RMS management of Passenger Services on Friday 18 December to discuss the implications of the announcement by the Transport Minister (2:30pm 17/12/15), with regard to the amendment of the Passenger Transport Regulation (NSW) 2007.

The RMS are now working through what these changes in the Regulation will mean.

The legalisation of ride sharing services by the NSW Government and the decision to introduce industry regulation means that there will be a different focus upon Public Passenger Services from a complete regulatory system, to a compliance model similar to other government departments such as WorkSafe. There is a definite loosening of the previous required standards.

For the short-term, there will be very few changes with respect to the work being facilitated by the Branch. For instance, there are still 7100 cabs in NSW that will continue to be regulated in some format.
Following from the changes to the Passenger Transport Regulation, further legislative changes will be required. This is anticipated to be put before Parliament in April or May. It is envisaged that the process will take at least one year to make fully operational.

RMS have already sought to entertain further skill hire placements to cater for the anticipated increase in calls from industry participants over the Christmas and January period. RMS have also hired extra security for the Wentworth St premises.

The decision by the NSW Government to incorporate industry regulation, poses issues for members who are currently fulfilling all of the regulatory functions i.e criminal records, public passenger licence applications, medical appeals. RMS has stated to the PSA that they will be seeking for the current group of staff to continue with the new “compliance focus.” This is due in part to their complete knowledge of the industry.

The PSA highlighted the risks associated with industry regulation at that meeting, hoping the Government will learn from past experiences such as the Greyhound Racing industry.

The PSA will meet with the affected staff in the New Year to discuss the consequences of the changes and how to represent members’ interests.


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