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SafeWork NSW Inspectors MOU Ballot

SafeWork – MOU ballot – February 2016 (PDF version)

Members will be aware that the PSA called for a vote on this issue before the end of year break. Unfortunately, we have identified some technical issues which ultimately meant it was possible for members to vote more than once. The PSA has corrected the problem but we have no alternative but to re-run the voting process to ensure it meets the strict security criteria required. We apologise for the inconvenience and delay. Please ensure that you exercise your right to vote and encourage others to vote also so we have a clear understanding of the view of members.

In 2013, the PSA entered into agreement with WorkCover to make an interim change to Schedule 3 of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which is associated with the Crown Employees (Office of the WorkCover Authority – Inspectors 2007) award. The purpose of the changes was to facilitate the transfer into the inspectorate of staff displaced during the restructuring of WHSD and the deletion of a number of classifications. WorkCover also preferred the change be on a permanent basis to facilitate the employment of staff with specialist skills directly into the senior positions within the inspectorate. The changes made are in relation to the competency assessment process outlined in the award and MOU and provide for two further pathways to progress through the levels using other tertiary qualifications or professional accreditation.

The PSA agreed only to a temporary change so the arrangements could be trialled and reviewed to allow members a chance to see whether the changes were positive or not. The PSA advised members from the outset that a permanent change would not be made without agreement from the majority of members.

During the trial period, a number of improvements have been suggested in response to feedback and issues arising. The resulting proposal now has broader application to positions in all disciplines and other improvements have been made to ensure the proposal is as positive as possible. Some members will find that the proposal provides an opportunity for them to progress to other levels using qualifications they already have. For others there may be no benefit. There is no change to the existing competency pathway, other than to ensure the competencies required for progression to Senior Inspector will now count towards the Advanced Diploma.

The interim MOU expired on 30 September 2015 so arrangements have now reverted to the original MOU which allows only for competency assessment to progress between levels. Access to the other progression pathways will only be reinstituted if the majority of inspector members vote to accept the proposal for a permanent change.

Your vocational group delegates have been unable to recommend a particular position on this matter so the PSA asks that you carefully review the supporting materials before you vote YES or NO in the survey below on whether to accept the proposal and make a permanent change to the MOU. Please make sure you consider not only any potential impact on yourself but also on the inspectorate and organisation generally.

The PSA strongly encourages members to complete the survey by COB Friday 26 February 2016.

View the survey HERE.


Associated Information Pack HERE.

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