State Emergency Services Industrial Bulletin - 24 November 2014 - Public Service Association

State Emergency Services Industrial Bulletin – 24 November 2014 (pdf version)

Dear NSW SES Public Service Association Members

As you may be aware a new NSW Public Service Association Departmental Committee (DC) was formed earlier this year with new delegates being elected to represent PSA members employed within the NSW SES. The new Committee has continued on with the work of the previous Committee and this is the first of what your SES DC delegates intend to be regular updates regarding current issues the DC is dealing with on behalf of PSA members.

For many months the DC has been in discussion with the NSW SES at the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) on a number of long standing issues that can be grouped into two broad categories – ‘award entitlements’ and ‘meaningful consultation’. The DC has been engaging and formally corresponding with the NSW SES on these issues to demonstrate due process and evidence of compliance with dispute avoidance procedures.

In summary the issues currently being pursued are:-

Award entitlements –

Public holiday entitlements (reimbursement) for those classifications of employees who are covered by the ‘Field Award’ provisions of the Crown Employees (State Emergency Service) Region Controllers Award

  • Overtime payments (backdated) to Region Controllers as per the Crown Employees (State Emergency Service) Region Controllers Award
  • Laundry Allowance correct backdating of entitlements
  • Leave Audit identifying any anomalies in the recent leave audit and incorrect debit / credits
  • Leave loading entitlements for employees under the Crown Employees (State Emergency Service) Communications Continuous Shift Workers Award

SES Management has undertaken to investigate PSA member concerns about any underpayment they believe has been made by the Service. Management have asked the PSA to supply the details of members and the claims for underpayment or non-observance of other award conditions as detailed above.

If you have information or examples of where you may have been disadvantaged, or underpaid, as a consequence of the Service’s interpretation and application of any of the above Award entitlements, please email SES DC Chair, Ms Kaylene Jones with your details. Kaylene can be emailed at:

Your information will support the PSA’s actions on your behalf.

Consultation required –

  • Government Sector Employment Act (GSE) integration into the NSW SES
    ► Requirement for an implementation plan and communication plan beyond Senior Executive – including recruitment strategy and planning
    ► Engagement with employees on the “new naming convention” and interpretation of position titles against the capability framework (reference email 16/11)
    ► Development of GSE compliant Role Descriptions
  • Proposed new Executive, SHQ and Region Structure
    ► New Senior executive structure arrangements and impacts
    ► Proposed new SHQ structure and staff positions to support new executive and organisational requirements
    ► Region Restructure Review – RFQ development, circulation, formulation, review and finalisation

Lack of progress on the review of the Crown Employees (State Emergency Service) Communication Centre Continuous Shift Workers Award

  • Information to employees on the current policy / procedure regard travel expenses upon resolution of the issue with the PSA on the payment of actuals – v – allowances
  • Access for employees to information concerning employment conditions, awards, instruments of employment and position / roles descriptions

The DC is now waiting on a final response from NSW SES for a date in which an audit into the payment of award entitlements will be completed. We are also continuing to engage on the consultation requirements where members and the PSA SES DC can play a meaningful part in contributing to the strategic direction and future of the NSW SES.

Please feel free to contact one of your delegates to discuss or provide further information on current issues before the DC. We look forward to continuing to work collaboratively to build a better organisation and a great place to work.


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