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TAFE Sydney Institute Update on restructure in libraries

TAFE Sydney institute Update on restructure in libraries – February 2016 (PDF version)

What was proposed?

Members would be aware Sydney Institute of TAFE notified the PSA/CPSU of a proposed restructure in the Student Learning & Facilities Directorate in November last year. The proposal includes reducing the staff FTE positions in libraries in the Institute from 62.5 to 41. This includes the consolidation of college libraries with Petersham West Street and Sutherland Gymea becoming satellite services, with reduced opening hours as a result. Downgrading positions and relocating staff is also proposed.

What we asked and did

An initial request for further information was put to the Institute. However, their response was inadequate. Further time and release of five members during work time to respond to the proposal was granted by the Institute, as requested. The PSA/CPSU provided a preliminary response, pending further information forthcoming from the Institute, on 15 December 2015.

What happened & what did we gain?

The PSA/CPSU and delegates met with the Institute on 21 January 2016 to discuss the PSA/CPSU’s response. As a result of the PSA/CPSU response, the Institute has now agreed in writing to implement an expression of interest for VRs to affected Librarians at Grade 2 & 3 level prior to pooled assessments. The Institute has also decided now Petersham TAFE will require additional staff as outlined in our response. A Library Technician will now be allocated to that library. PSA/CPSU have drafted a further response which was sent to the Institute on 22 January 2016 after consultation with members.

We are currently waiting on the Institute to further consult.

What can you do?

  • Give a copy of this bulletin to your colleagues
  • Print out this bulletin and put it up on your notice board
  • Ask a colleague to join the PSA
  • Get involved by raising issues with your delegate.

If you have any further information or concerns about this matter, including attempts to implement this proposal in advance, or stepping outside this process, please notify your delegate/contact or PSA/CPSU staff as listed below as soon as possible.

Update your details

If you have moved, have a new work email, work phone or work location please update your membership details here: (link to be added)

Delegate & PSA/CPSU contacts

  • Leon Parissi – Delegate
  • Jane O’Brien – Delegate
  • Dennis Vukovic – Contact officer
  • Simon Gray – Contact officer
  • Christine Ferrari – Contact officer
  • Adrianna Felet-Pezo – Contact officer
  • Annette Sauzier – Contact officer
  • Paul Townsend – Industrial Advocate
  • Phoebe Dangerfield – Industrial Advocate
  • Nathan Bradshaw – Organiser

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