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Union training for Service NSW employees (reminder)

Union training for Service NSW employees reminder – April 2016 (PDF version)

The PSA is holding a workshop for Service NSW members at PSA House on 6 May 2016 between 10.00am and 4.30pm. The workshop is for any Service NSW member who wants to have a say, and contribute to maintaining and improving good work-life conditions in Service NSW. PSA members are entitled to 12 days’ special leave with pay to attend training courses such as this.

The course will cover: information about how your union works and what we can achieve together; issues at work; the award-negotiation process; discussion around the setting up of a committee to represent members; consultation and negotiation processes.

We are calling for registrations from members across all Service NSW positions, and from both metro and regional centers. Reasonable travel expenses are met by the PSA.

Please click HERE to register your interest today.


It has been identified through onsite visits and other member communication, that many permanent part-time staff consistently work more than their substantive 20 hours.

Does this affect you?

The PSA would like to hear from all affected Service NSW staff. The PSA needs to be able collate this information so it can be addressed with the Department.

Service NSW should recognise the needs of the business and value its employees. By completing this survey, it will give the PSA the evidence to campaign for the conversion of part-time hours to permanent full-time hours if the employee wishes to do so after meeting certain criteria.

A permanent full-time position will give our members more job security and stability in the workforce.

Award negotiations

Award meetings are continuing between the PSA Bargaining Team and Service NSW to negotiate your Service NSW Award. This Award covers all your conditions and entitlements as a Service NSW employee.

The PSA will continue to update the members on the outcomes and progress of the meetings.

For further information, please contact, Susan Chee Quee – PSA Organiser on or call the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

PSA members

  • Give a copy of this bulletin to your colleagues
  • Display this bulletin on your notice board
  • Ask a colleague to join the PSA
  • Enroll for PSA training.

Not a member? You can join the PSA online at www.psa.asn.au

Member Benefits

Our valued member benefits support program.

Union Membership - Unity Strength Respect

As a union member, you are part of Australia’s biggest social movement. Your union’s strength lies in its size; the more voices we have, the greater our power to bargain for better pay, conditions and benefits. Join your union today.

  • Collective strength; being a union member gives you a stronger voice when dealing with your employer
  • Standing up for your job: the PSA campaigns for a better-funded, strong public service
  • Journey insurance; get protection to and from work
  • Member benefits: get great discounts on a wide range of products and services
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