Wrong toole for jobs as hundreds slashed in Bathurst - Public Service Association

Wrong toole for jobs as hundreds slashed in Bathurst

Paul Toole – Bathurst cuts Media Release (PDF version)

Bathurst MP, and Minister for Local Government, Paul Toole should have his title changed to Minister for Local Job Cuts says the Public Service Association of NSW (PSA).

The union said Bathurst is being decimated by the slashing of public sector jobs in critical areas of community need including Ageing Disability and Home Care (ADHC), Trustee and Guardian and Land and Property Information.

PSA Assistant General Secretary, Steve Turner will be in Bathurst on Tuesday 15 December to highlight the impact of job and service cuts on the region and meet with members in Ageing Disability and Home Care, Family and Community Services, Land and Property Information and Bathurst gaol.

It is estimated that approximately 310 jobs will be cut in the Bathurst region alone damning families and the local economy, not to mention some of society’s most disadvantaged.

200 jobs will go from Land and Property Information, 100 from ADHC and 10 from Trustee and Guardian.

More are no doubt on way as the NSW Government continues its slash and burn of the NSW public sector.

Members of the Public Service Association from Ageing Disability and Home Care (ADHC) in Bathurst had a pop stall outside the main shopping centre in Bathurst in October to highlight concerns about the dismantling of ADHC.

The specialist high level care services provided by ADHC will no longer exist.

Cuts at the Bathurst Office of Trustee and Guardian will mean a reduction of services for those with some form of disability who are unable to manage their own affairs including those who may have a mental illness, a brain injury, intellectual disability, psychiatric disability or dementia.

“We know that job losses in regional areas cut far more deeply than those in metropolitan areas and the Bathurst community is tragically about to feel the pain in that regard,” said PSA Assistant General Secretary, Steve Turner.

“The PSA calls on Mr Toole as the local member of Parliament for the Bathurst area as well as a Government Minister to outline his vision for future quality public services in the region.”

“Why politicians such as Mr Toole are presiding over an utter decimation of jobs and services in their own backyard in such a vital region area beggars belief.”

“The PSA has been campaigning strongly for several years to defend public services and alert the community to the devastation that awaits future generations thanks to the privatisation agenda of the NSW Government.”

“I fear for the community and our future.”

“But for the Government it’s all about a quick buck and the opportunity to wash its hands of responsibility wherever possible.”

“I would be delighted if Mr Toole could provide any evidence as to how these job cuts could be of benefit to his constituents.” said Steve Turner.

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