Defending Public Services doorknocking campaign

In the lead up to the NSW election on 28 March, PSA members took their first hand experiences of the Baird Government’s privatisation and service cut agenda to the doorsteps of voters.

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Why Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) don’t work – Public Services International

Mar 30, 2015

PSI Media Release – Why Public Private Partnerships don’t work (PDF version)


Australian affiliates of the global union federation, Public Services International (PSI), have welcomed a new report which outlines why the privatisation of public assets and services is fundamentally flawed.

The report ‘Why Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) don’t work’ by Public Services International Research Unit (PSIRU) assesses the experience of PPPs in countries both rich and poor.

Why Public Private Parnerships dont work PSI Report March 2015 (PDF)

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Public service jobs worries – the Blue Mountains Gazette

Mar 27, 2015

The offshoring of ServiceFirst jobs is causing concern from on high in the Blue Mountains.

Read the Blue Mountains Gazette story HERE

At-risk youths ‘live in hotels’ – The Armidale Express

Mar 27, 2015

The walk out by Community Services caseworkers on 26 March came as reports emerged of staff in the Armidale area staying in motels to care for at risk children.

Read The Armidale Express article HERE

ServiceFirst & DOCS members take a stand against privatisation

Mar 27, 2015

100 members from ServiceFirst in Parramatta walked out at lunchtime on 26 March in a stand against the privatisation and offshoring of their jobs. They marched to the office of MP Geoff Lee and were joined by 50 members from Community Services.

At the same time, ServiceFirst members were gathered outside the McKell Building in Sydney also taking a stand against the Baird Government’s agenda.

Community Services walk again for child protection resources

Mar 27, 2015

Community Services caseworkers in offices across the state again walked off the job in anger for an hour at lunchtime on Thursday 26 March.

The spontaneous walkout is an escalation of the action taken by a number of offices on 19 March in response to the NSW Government’s failure to properly resource child protection.

ServiceFirst members on the march in Parramatta

Mar 26, 2015

PSA Annual Conference 2015

Thursday 28 May & Friday 29 May 2015

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Country Conference

Wednesday 27 May

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ServiceFirst staff walk off the job to protest offshoring of hundreds of jobs

Mar 25, 2015

ServiceFirst staff walk off the job to protest offshoring of hundreds of jobs walk out (PDF version)


ServiceFirst employees who perform critical human resources, IT, finance and payroll functions for NSW Government agencies will walk off the job in Parramatta and Haymarket on Thursday 26 March at 12.30pm.

The staff who are members of the Public Service Association of NSW (PSA) are angry at the Baird Government’s plan to privatise and offshore their award-winning service and jobs to multinational corporations.

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Tragic consequences for children left behind – the Tweed Daily News

Mar 25, 2015

The front page of the Tweed Daily News spotlights a protest by Community Services caseworkers outside the office of Tweed MP Geoff Provest in response to the NSW Government’s failure to properly resource child protection.

Read the Tweed Daily News article HERE

Bullied worker had nowhere to turn but Labor has plan to change that – The Sydney Morning Herald

Mar 25, 2015

Labor has pledged that if elected it will introduce laws to protect victims of workplace bullying with the Industrial Relations Commission to handle such matters.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald article HERE

Red Tape February/March edition – out now

Mar 24, 2015

Front pages from RedTape_FEB_MAR15medium

Red Tape_February/March2015 edition (PDF)

Cuts on the cards as major parties release election policy costings – The Sydney Morning Herald

Mar 24, 2015

Both major parties to take aim at the public sector. Again.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald article HERE

Baird pledge: National disability scheme to start a year early – The Sydney Morning Herald

Mar 24, 2015

Despite problems in the trial in the Hunter region, the Baird Government have announced that the National Disability Insurance Scheme will be fast tracked a year early in Penrith and the Blue Mountains area.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald article HERE

Community Services Caseworkers at Penrith and St Marys also walked on 19 March

Read the Penrith City Gazette article HERE

Caseworkers walk off the job over staffing – South Coast Register

Mar 20, 2015

And they walked in Nowra.

Read the South Coast Register article HERE

DOCS walk out – 19 March

Illawarra’s vulnerable children remain at risk: PSA – Illawarra Mercury

Mar 20, 2015

Community Services Caseworkers in Coniston and Shellharbour also took part in the lunchtime walk out on 19 March in a show of anger at the NSW Government’s failure to properly resource child protection.

Read the Illawarra Mercury article HERE

Shellharbour Community and Family Services walk off the job in protest today – the Kiama Independent Times

Mar 19, 2015

Community services workers in Shellharbour were among those who walked out in anger at lunchtime today over the NSW Government’s failure to properly resource child protection.

Read the Kiama Independent Times HERE

Letter of the day: The privatisation no one is talking about The Sydney Morning Herald

Mar 19, 2015

Sydney Morning Herald reader Kerry Stratton nails it.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald HERE

Child protection workers to strike on Thursday – The Sydney Morning Herald

Mar 19, 2015

Child protection workers in offices across the state walked off the job in anger for an hour at lunchtime today in response to the NSW Government’s failure to properly resource child protection.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald HERE

NSW can pay for needed infrastructure without privatisation – The Northern Star

Mar 19, 2015

Frank Stilwell, Professor, Department of Political Economy at University of Sydney argues there are other options to pay for infrastructure that don’t involve the privatisation of public assets.

Read The Northern Star story HERE

Labor would stop outsourcing of public service jobs to India – The Sydney Morning Herald

Mar 16, 2015

Labor has vowed to block the outsourcing of ServiceFirst.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald story HERE

Overloaded NSW caseworkers forced to ignore child’s pleas for help due to lack of staff – The Daily Telegraph

Mar 16, 2015

Children are being placed at risk due to a lack of care workers in Community Services.

Read The Daily Telegraph article HERE

ServiceFirst petition

Mar 13, 2015

A community run petition has started to support staff at ServiceFirst who are currently under threat of having their jobs outsourced and offshored.

ServiceFirst employs over 300 staff in Parramatta, the CBD, and across regional NSW.

It is an award winning shared service provider, managing IT, HR, payroll and finance for DPC, NSW Treasury, Office of Finance and Services, Service NSW and the PSC.

The privatisation of these services will mean employees in these agencies (and the members of the community who access their services) will have their records and data managed by private overseas companies.

You can show your support for ServiceFirst staff and your opposition to this plan by signing


If Mugabe wouldn’t do it, why are we accepting this extraordinary attack on wages? – The Sydney Morning Herald

Mar 13, 2015

A world view on the complaint lodged by the PSA, ACTU and the CPSU, with the International Labour Organisation, over the NSW government’s attack on fundamental workers’ rights.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald article HERE

TAFE NSW apologises to students for enrolment delays caused by new software – ABC News

Mar 11, 2015

TAFE NSW has apologised for the disruptions to enrolments due to the “Smart and Skilled” fee reforms.

Read the ABC News story HERE

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