The NSW Government is undertaking a mass privatisation via stealth, with details on how this will affect the people of NSW shrouded in secrecy. If the Government gets its way, Land and Property Information, Trustee and Guardian services, TAFEs, Sport and Recreation Centres, transport, prisons, public housing, disability care, and child protection services will be lost to private, unaccountable interests.

On Monday 5 September, the PSA launched a second advertising campaign, The Secret Sell Off.

You can view the campaign website HERE.

Secret Sell Off rally, Parliament House, 21 September – Prime 7

The PSA has also set up an online petition on the Stop The Secret Sell Off website calling on the NSW Government to:

  1. protect our valuable public services from privatisation; and
  2. introduce “follow the money” laws for financial scrutiny and accountability.

You can sign our petition to stop the secret privatisation of NSW HERE.

To see one of the billboards which is now on the Harbour Bridge approach click HERE.

A thirty second radio ad is being aired in the Sydney metropolitan area and on regional stations.

You can hear the radio advertisement below.


Privatisation attack our public services are facing – Anne Gardiner’s Annual Conference address

PSA meets with Fred Nile regarding GSE regulation

PSA General Secretary Anne Gardiner, Glen Barlow from Corrective Services, Jane Howrylak from Trustee and Guardian and Schools representative and CPSU/SPSF Branch President Mary Court at PSA House before meeting with Fred Nile on 9 August. The delegation sought support for the fight against the GSE Regulation that extinguishes the right of NSW public sector workers to redundancy or severance payments where privatisations occur.



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Latest News

PSA support for vocational education & training

Sep 23, 2016

The PSA has provided comments to the Department of Industry on a consultation paper released in July 2016 on proposed changes to the Act and Regulation related to Apprenticeships and Traineeships in NSW.

Many of the provisions do not directly affect our members but the PSA has taken the opportunity to raise concerns including:

  • the impact of ever-increasing contestability in vocational education and training which is destroying our TAFE system
  • problems with the accountability of private vocational education and training providers
  • inaction by government agencies in not taking on apprentices and trainees
  • failure to sufficiently act on government policy on indigenous training and employment.

You can read our letter HERE.

PSA warned Government of foster care concerns more than a year ago – ABC News

Sep 23, 2016

The PSA wrote to Family and Community Services Minister Brad Hazzard more than a year ago warning of the many issues arising in the privately run foster care system.

PSA Assistant General Secretary Steve Turner appeared on the ABC last night in relation to the matter.

You can view the news item below.

Minister calls on residential children’s centres to lift their game & PSA response – ABC News

Sep 23, 2016

After a year of defending residential out-of-home care services for children, New South Wales Minister for Family and Community Services Brad Hazzard has told them to lift their game.

Mr Hazzard has sent the providers a strongly worded letter foreshadowing changes.

The move follows a recent coronial inquest into the death of a 15-year-old girl who died of a drug overdose after she was allegedly raped while in state care.

Read the full ABC News article HERE.

Proof Minister did nothing on foster crisis

PSA media release
Sep 22, 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) wrote to Family and Community Services Minister Brad Hazzard more than a year ago warning of the many issues arising in the privately run foster care system.

Mr Hazzard’s response was shocking, claiming there were no issues – in fact he was: “ …proud of the improvement in the care of our most vulnerable children.”

PSA Assistant General Secretary Steve Turner said the Minister can no longer claim he was unaware.

“Again lack of regulation and oversight of these private operators has led to shocking abuses and yet the Baird Government intends to outsource further, without fixing the problem,” said Steve Turner.

“We know these NGOs are not looking for kinship arrangements for these Aboriginal children and we know we are running into another ‘Stolen Generation’.”

“Today’s announcement is just outsourcing to fix the problems created by outsourcing,” said Steve Turner.

PSA hosts “auction” of NSW outside Parliament

PSA media release
Sep 21, 2016

The Public Service Association (PSA) is hosting a mock “auction” of public services outside Parliament on Wednesday 21 September to highlight the Baird Government’s secret privatisation agenda.

The rally – which will include an auctioneer and speakers from Land and Property lnformation, Sport and Recreation and Disability Services – will run between 12:30pm and 1:30pm.

The PSA will be demanding Parliament debate its 25,000 signature petition against the sell off of disability services that has been ignored by Government in order to keep its sale plans under wraps.

Read the full media release HERE.

Feedback to the Public Service Commission on Flexible Work

Sep 20, 2016

Flexible work is an issue of great importance to many members and the PSA has been campaigning hard on this topic, both in terms of flexible working hours arrangements and flexible work more generally, such as access to part-time work and leave without pay.

Recently the Public Service Commission (PSC) wrote to the PSA seeking input on three questions on flexible work.

The PSA will be responding to the PSC drawing on member experiences including recent negotiations on flexible working hours agreements and issues raised via the Member Support Centre.  If you would like to provide feedback for the response to the PSC please email this to: by COB Tuesday 27 September 2016

The three PSC questions are:

  1. What are the conditions that enable the successful use of flexible work in the NSW Government sector?
  2. What barriers are there to the effective uptake of flexible work and how could they be overcome?
  3. What opportunities are there to improve the use of flexible work?

In framing our response, any positive member experiences of flexible work would be helpful so that we can argue for an expansion of any good practice.

Red Tape August/November 2016 edition

Sep 19, 2016


Five NSW hospitals to be privatised under ‘surprise’ plan – The Sydney Morning Herald

Sep 16, 2016

Further proof of The Baird Government’s secret sell off with the privatisation of five additional hospitals.

Read the full Sydney Morning Herald article HERE.

Office of Environment Heritage – Work bans lifted

Sep 16, 2016

As result of the PSA imposing work bans, NSW National Park and Wildlife, the Office of Environment and Heritage listed an urgent matter before the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW. The matter was heard before Commissioner Newell 14 September where the Commissioner made the following recommendation:

  • That the PSA lift the work bans forthwith
  • On the premise that the work bans are lifted, I require the National Parks Wildlife Service (NPWS) to consult with the PSA within two weeks to canvass all matters surrounding NPWS desire to implement 14.2.2 of the award. (Savings Implementation Plan, SIP agreement) NPWS is required to consult before implementing any changes.

Commissioner Newall gave leave to the parties to relist the matter if either party had any concerns. On that basis of Commissioner Newall’s recommendations and the fact that the Department are now required to consult, the PSA is lifting work bans immediately.

Corrective Services teachers – show your support

Sep 14, 2016

Teachers who work in NSW prisons took 24 hour strike action on Wednesday 14 September, to protest the abolition of the qualified teacher workforce in Corrective Services.

A protest rally was held outside Parliament House.

All members are urged to show your support for our Corrective Services colleagues by sending a message to your local MP. (A copy will automatically be sent to the Minister for Corrections, David Elliott and Premier Mike Baird.)

Corrective Services teachers oppose the Baird Government’s outsourcing of prison education, whereby qualified teachers are to be replaced by non-teachers.

PSA petition against the privatisation of Sport and Recreation Centres

Sep 13, 2016

Sign the PSA petition against the privatisation of Sport and Recreation Centres

Can you view the petition HERE.

PSA ramps up media campaign

Sep 12, 2016

In 2014, broadcaster Jane Caro, launched the PSA’s first ever advertising campaign to highlight the importance of the work PSA members do.

This campaign was on TV, in movie theatres and on-line. Since then, the PSA has built on the campaign by creating strong links with media outlets and using other opportunities such as YouTube.

After wide consultation, members devised the “Defending Public Services” slogan. This is now on all PSA vehicles and is seen throughout the state.

This strong messaging from the PSA combined with advertising has, for the first time, raised the profile of our members, the people who keep the state of NSW running.

We are now escalating the campaign by advertising throughout NSW on radio and billboards.

This phase of the campaign is to alert the community to Baird’s Secret Sell Off of public services.

The Secret Sell Off theme was chosen by PSA members who attended Annual Conference.

We know our sustained campaign is having an impact. We are seeing wins, particularly in regional areas, and prominent people are now questioning the benefits of privatisation.

Keep up the fight.

To hear the PSA ad currently on radio click HERE.

To see one of the billboards which is now on the Harbour Bridge approach click HERE.

To see and share the campaign website and sign the petition click HERE.

Encourage your friends and family to also sign and share the petition HERE.

Child protection tragedy highlights need for private sector regulation says union

Sep 9, 2016

PSA media release

Disturbing reports today regarding the severe neglect of a child in foster care once again highlight the failures of the privatisation of Out of Home Care services said the Public Service Association (PSA).

Worse, says the PSA, which covers child protection workers, with the Baird Government’s privatisation agenda, these private providers are not required to account for their public funds nor meet benchmarked service standards.

“The privatised system lacks reporting and monitoring mechanisms of the roles and actions of the Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and children placed in their care,” said PSA Assistant General Secretary, Steve Turner.

Read more HERE.

Not happy (school) campers

Sep 2, 2016

PSA General Secretary Anne Gardiner in today’s Sydney Morning Herald highlights the community impact of Baird’s plans to flog school camps off to the private sector.

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Pillar Enterprise Agreement secured

Aug 31, 2016

This is a significant win for members particularly when you consider that we defeated two attempts for a shorter agreement – the initial proposal was only a 12-month agreement. This is what can happen when members stick together – Read the full bulletin HERE.

‘Iconic’ sport and recreation camps face ‘outsourcing’ – The Newcastle Herald

Aug 25, 2016

The bad sport Baird Government is outsourcing Sport and Recreation camps with the Newcastle Herald spotlighting the fate of the facilities in the Hunter.

Read the full Newcastle Herald article HERE.

PSA submission to inquiry into museums & galleries

Aug 15, 2016

The PSA has made a submission on behalf of members to an NSW Legislative Council inquiry into museums and galleries.

The submission draws attention to the continued cuts to arts and museum funding as well as the controversial move of the Powerhouse Museum.

You can view the submission HERE.

Worker safety is for all PSA tells Inquiry, not just Emergency Services

Aug 4, 2016

The PSA has completed a submission on behalf of members to the NSW Legislative Assembly’s Committee on Law and Justice.

The Inquiry, launched in May 2016, is investigating Violence against Emergency Service personnel.

The PSA has made it clear the issue is much wider.

As General Secretary, Anne Gardiner, said on this issue as far back as July 2014, “As communities are getting less tolerant in general, our public servants are being placed at more risk.” [Daily Telegraph, 5 August 2014]

Using the vast experience of delegates and PSA staff, the PSA’s submission highlights the many and varied roles carried out by PSA members and the risks they face on a daily basis while performing their duties on behalf of the community.

You can read the full submission HERE.

A workforce crisis is looming in Sydney’s Inner West with the privatisation of ADHC

Jul 5, 2016

5 July Innerwest courier

LPI workers strike over privatisation

Jul 1, 2016

PSA Assistant General Secretary Steve Turner addresses a rally outside the LPI building at Queen’s Square. PSA members voted to go on strike on one of the busiest days of the year for the LPI to protest the Baird Government’s plans to hand over some of the department’s functions to the private sector.

Mike Baird thinks he can get away with this

PSA responds to job cuts speech

PSA General Secretary Anne Gardiner responds to the Treasurer’s call for more public service job cuts on ABC radio in Newcastle 1 March, 2016.



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