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The attack members are facing – an edited version of Anne Gardiner’s Annual Conference address

Public servants, not public serfs – The Sydney Morning Herald

Jun 23, 2016

Today’s Sydney Morning Herald carries a page 2 story in response to a new regulation that extinguishes the right of NSW public sector workers to redundancy or severance payments in privatisations.

Read the Herald article HERE.

Regulation extinguishes redundancy in privatisation

Jun 27, 2016

To members covered by the GSE Act,

Following General Secretary, Anne Gardiner’s letter to Unions NSW, the PSA has been speaking with the media to raise awareness of the introduction of the Regulation that extinguishes the right of NSW public sector workers to redundancy or severance payments where privatisations occur.

You can read the Sydney Morning Herald article HERE.

PSA Assistant General Secretary, Steve Turner also spoke at the Unions NSW Executive and general meeting last Thursday regarding the issue. As a result, the Unions NSW meeting resolved to call a meeting of public sector unions to campaign against this Regulation.

The PSA will seek that all legal, political and industrial avenues are pursued to overturn the Regulation.


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Latest News

PSA submission to inquiry into museums & galleries

Aug 15, 2016

The PSA has made a submission on behalf of members to an NSW Legislative Council inquiry into museums and galleries.

The submission draws attention to the continued cuts to arts and museum funding as well as the controversial move of the Powerhouse Museum.

It focuses on recent industrial issues faced by members, including those in the Art Gallery of NSW, the Australian Museum and Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (Powerhouse Museum).

The submission also highlights:

  • the direct link between deleting the positions of trained and experienced public service employees and the quality of services offered to the public
  • cuts imposed by the efficiency dividend

You can view the submission HERE.

Unions NSW ‘Return to Work Inquiry’

Aug 4, 2016

The PSA has been working tirelessly to roll-back unfair changes to workers compensation laws made by the NSW Government in 2012.

As part of our campaign, the PSA will be making a submission to the forthcoming review of these laws by the Law & Justice Committee of the NSW Legislative Council (Upper House), highlighting those issues of most concern to our members and their families.

Unions NSW will also be making a submission, focussing on the experiences of injured workers returning to work. Unions NSW is currently collecting stories to include in their submission, both through their website HERE and by visiting 10 locations around the state in August 2016 to speak to workers face-to-face.

You can see the hearing dates and locations HERE or register your interest in telling your story in person HERE.

Worker safety is for all PSA tells Inquiry, not just Emergency Services

Aug 4, 2016

The PSA has completed a submission on behalf of members to the NSW Legislative Assembly’s Committee on Law and Justice.

The Inquiry, launched in May 2016, is investigating  Violence against Emergency Service personnel in NSW.

The PSA has made it clear the issue is much wider.

As PSA General Secretary, Anne Gardiner, said on this issue as far back as July 2014, “As communities are getting less tolerant in general, our public servants are being placed at more risk.” [Daily Telegraph, 5 August 2014]

Using the vast experience of delegates and PSA staff, the PSA’s submission highlights the many and varied roles carried out by PSA members and the risks they face on a daily basis while performing their duties on behalf of the community.

You can read the full submission HERE.

PSA members in Pillar win greater security of conditions and entitlements

Aug 4, 2016

PSA members in Pillar have won an in principle agreement for a longer 3 year term for their enterprise agreement.

This important win means greater security of conditions and entitlements in the face of the potential privatisation of this government business.

The breakthrough came in negotiations today after two staff ballots were held and lost against Pillar’s proposal for a 1 year then a 2 year enterprise agreement.

The PSA ran successful NO vote campaigns for both these ballots.

It is expected that the new ballot for the 3 year agreement will be  held next week.

Congratulations on this wonderful win.

Steve Turner responds to Michael Coutts-Trotter’s “Telegraph” email

Aug 3, 2016

Dear members,

I would like to respond on your behalf to the email sent by Michael Coutts-Trotter on 1 August 2016 in relation to the serious matters raised by The Daily Telegraph.

Firstly and most importantly, I object, in the strongest possible terms, to the Secretary’s clear insinuation that the PSA and members in Community Services are liars.

Michael Coutts-Trotter should issue an unreserved apology immediately for smearing not only the character of this union but that of the outstanding individuals working at the Department who are simply seeking the very best for children in need.

This apology is made all the more pressing by the fact the Secretary admits in his email he has now received “some historic and some recent” accounts of children sleeping in offices overnight.

So what the PSA stated in the Telegraph was true. It was just the Secretary was somehow oblivious to the situation until the union raised the concerns.

Coutts-Trotter states “please don’t be worried” to reassure any member who speaks out but then goes on to lay down the law as a warning to anyone who dares to do so.

Caseworkers in Community Services do a wonderful highly professional job in unbelievably trying circumstances but they have their limits and sometimes are unable to sit back and be silent any longer.

The crisis situation reported in The Daily Telegraph was and remains fact not fabrication.

The PSA will always stand up for the rights of members in Community Services and those who so desperately depend upon their vital work.

Steve Turner
PSA Assistant General Secretary

PSA wins historic victory for SLSOs in health care procedures dispute

Aug 3, 2016

The PSA secured a major win for SLSO members in the Industrial Relations Commission on 1 August 2016.

Read the bulletin HERE.

Members stand firm at Pillar – The Illawarra Mercury

Aug 2, 2016

Pillar workers are being offered a short-term wages deal to make the business more attractive for a buyer, according to a union official.  However, Pillar CEO Peter Brook said the business was not directly involved in supervising the sale.

Read the Illawarra Mercury article HERE.

Ugly FACS on child scandal – The Daily Telegraph

Jul 29, 2016

PSA Assistant General Secretary is quoted again in another story on the crisis in child protection.

Ugly FACS on child scandal

PSA hits front page of the Telegraph about child protection crisis

Jul 28, 2016

PSA Assistant General Secretary Steve Turner on the front page of today’s Daily Telegraph again highlighting the crisis in child protection in NSW.


Read the Telegraph story on-line HERE.

NSW foster kids forced to sleep in offices – Nine News

Jul 28, 2016

Government “knows nothing!” about child protection crisis. Apparently.

Read The Nine News article HERE.

PSA supports asbestos awareness rally

Jul 25, 2016

On 22 July, the PSA was among those who took a stand at an asbestos action rally to show support for fellow workers who are being unnecessarily exposed to the material.


Red Tape May – July 2016 edition out now

Jul 22, 2016

Red Tape May-Jul 2016 WEB 1latest news

ADHC members march against privatisation of services – The Daily Telegraph

Jul 18, 2016

The march by ADHC members to Mike Baird’s office in Manly was a huge success.

Read the Daily Telegraph article HERE.

Think twice before throwing open the government coffers – The Sydney Morning Herald

Jul 18, 2016

The pitfalls and black holes of privatisation. Gittins nails it. Again.

Read the Sydney Morning Herald article HERE.

TAFE restructure means voluntary redundancies in Wagga – The Daily Advertiser

Jul 18, 2016

“Once-in-a-generation” TAFE reforms to be felt for generations as cuts will bite deep in regional areas such as the Riverina Institute.

Read The Daily Advertiser article HERE.

Back-office jobs, TAFE campuses to go in major restructure – The Sydney Morning Herald

Jul 14, 2016

The slash and burn of the state’s world class vocational training provider continues with further job losses.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald article HERE.

College CEO transferred $22m to family account, court told – Sydney Morning Herald

Jul 14, 2016

Just a day after massive job cuts were announced in TAFE comes yet another reminder of just how smart and skilled the Baird Government’s vocational training agenda really is.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald article HERE.

PSA Fees

Jul 13, 2016

1 July 2016 – 30 June 2017

A table showing the PSA’s new fees can be viewed HERE.

PSA submission to Inquiry into the NSW Child Protection system

Jul 12, 2016

The PSA has made a submission on behalf of Community Services members to the NSW Legislative Council (Upper House) Inquiry into the NSW child protection system.

You can read the full submission HERE.

Billboards raise the profile of Prison Officers

Jul 12, 2016

Two billboards go up this week to raise the profile of Prison Officers and the important work they do.

The billboards will be on the M4 Parramatta (inbound) and Dubbo South (Wongarbon) on the Mitchell Highway. They will be up for four weeks.

You can view an image of the billboards HERE.

Read the Sunday Telegraph article HERE.

PSA Annual Women’s Conference 2016

Jul 8, 2016

This year’s conference will be held on Tuesday, and Wednesday, 13-14 September 2016 at PSA House, 160 Clarence Street, Sydney.

The 2016 theme is: ‘Connecting the generations’

To register, please complete the application form HERE.

Registrations close 15 August 2016.

Cost of study commissioned by TAFE to stay hidden – The Sydney Morning Herald

Jul 8, 2016

Here’s a surprise: TAFE has refused to make public the cost of the report by the Boston Consulting Group which called for a disastrous overhaul of the world class vocational training provider.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald article HERE.

A workforce crisis is looming in Sydney’s Inner West with the privatisation of ADHC.

Jul 5, 2016

5 July Innerwest courier

Tax statements

Jul 4, 2016

PSA tax statements are now available on-line.

Click HERE to create a log-in and download your tax information.

For any enquiries, please email PSA Membership on

Letter to the Editor – Sunday Telegraph – Steve Turner in defence of Prison Officers

Jul 4, 2016

The men and women who proudly make up the ranks of the state’s Prison Officers are anything but “…old fat white guys…” or tired characterisations from B grade television programs (No bars to new breed of jailer – Sunday Telegraph 26 June 2016).

Hidden behind walls and security fencing, out of sight and out of mind of the general public, these people are quiet professionals who are skilled in a wide variety of disciplines including education, rehabilitation and training.

They are also police, paramedics, and firefighters and much more often all in a single shift.

On a daily basis, Correctional Officers quite literally face what the rest of the community fears.

Read More

LPI workers strike over privatisation

Jul 1, 2016

PSA Assistant General Secretary Steve Turner addresses a rally outside the LPI building at Queen’s Square. PSA members voted to go on strike on one of the busiest days of the year for the LPI to protest the Baird Government’s plans to hand over some of the department’s functions to the private sector.

May Day Celebrations


Assistant General Secretary Steve Turner, General Secretary Anne Gardiner and school admin manager Mary Court were among the marchers at the 2016 May Day parade.

At the family fun day that followed the march, staff and members at a PSA stall highlighted the threat to public services from the State Government’s privatisation agenda.

Mike Baird thinks he can get away with this

PSA responds to job cuts speech

PSA General Secretary Anne Gardiner responds to the Treasurer’s call for more public service job cuts on ABC radio in Newcastle 1 March, 2016.



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