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Public or private: where’s the debate?

On 14 April, the PSA launched a statewide advertising campaign to ask the community “which direction are we headed?” when it comes to the provision of public services in NSW.

The television advertisement, which will also be screened in cinemas across the state, was creatively driven by respected author and novelist, Jane Caro.

Jane, along with PSA General Secretary Anne Gardiner, spoke at the launch at PSA House in Sydney about what is at stake for the people of NSW.

On the same day as the ad was launched, the Public Service Commissioner released “Collaboration Blueprint,” a report on models for outsourcing public services.

The ad commences screening in picture theatres from 17 April and on television from 27 April and will be shown throughout the state.

Click HERE to read Anne Gardiner’s address given at the launch which highlights some of the issues around privatising public services.

Click HERE to view the ad and show your support for public services.

Click HERE (our Facebook page) to see the video and the poster. Please share them with your friends.

PSA Annual Conference 2014

Thursday 29 May & Friday 30 May

Country Conference
Wednesday 28 May

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The Government Sector Employment Act

The Government Sector Employment Act, Regulation & Rules came into effect on 24 February 2014.

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Latest News

May Day 2014

Apr 24, 2014

The PSA will again be taking part in this year’s May Day celebrations.

The march is being held at:

11:30am Sunday 4 May 2014
Meeting Place – Macquarie Street, outside State Parliament house, Sydney

Our working rights are under relentless attack from a State Government with a determined agenda to privatise public services.

It is now more important than ever to celebrate the many victories of the union movement and at the same time draw a line in the sand to ensure that the conditions we won will not be given up without a fight.

Join with us on 4 May.

If you are interested in attending the march please email

If there is sufficient interest, a placard making workshop will be held on the Friday before at PSA House.

Penrith Valley Community Unions Jobs, Rights & Services Campaign launch

Penrith Valley Community Unions is a group of local unionists and community members who live in the Penrith Valley and lower Blue Mountains areas.

Join Mark Lennon, Secretary of Unions NSW and Steve Turner, Assistant General Secretary of the Public Service Association of NSW for the launch of the Penrith Valley Community campaign for secure jobs, workplace rights and world-class services.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014 at 6pm for 6:30pm


For catering purposes please RSVP to

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School staff suffering through LMBR rollout – itnews

Apr 24, 2014

The introduction of the LMBR system in schools across NSW is proving more challenging than the Government expected, while PSA members are in the firing line.

Read the article HERE.

A grave new world – Collaboration blueprint report

Apr 22, 2014

Last week, the Public Service Commission launched the Collaboration blueprint report.

New Premier Mike Baird is already openly discussing the privatisation of our hospitals.

Coincidence?  Hardly.

Read the report HERE.

Job cuts halt criminal checks on taxi drivers –

Apr 22, 2014

Roads and Maritime Services staff cuts have led to the halting of daily computer checks into the recent criminal history of taxi drivers.

Read the full story HERE.

PSA ADHC work bans – important information

Apr 16, 2014

With the state wide bans and additional bans in the Illawarra and the Hunter districts regarding the privatisation of ADHC services, members are advised that:

  • This industrial action has been approved by the General Secretary of the Public Service Association.
  • Any direction to perform work covered by these bans can be refused without personal risk.
  • If members are approached to complete work covered by the PSA industrial bans, they should decline and refer their manager to a copy of the bans.

Should members receive any type of threat for refusing to break the bans they should contact their local delegate, or the PSA directly (Phone: 1300 772 679 or email:

ADHC work bans Illawarra/Shoalhaven

Apr 16, 2014

At a meeting of members in the Illawarra a motion was passed to enact work bans on Home Administrative reporting.

These bans show the determination of members to fight to save their job security, pay and conditions along with the services they deliver.

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Ground breaking win for PSA

Apr 15, 2014

In 2011, the Government, at the stroke of a pen, unilaterally changed rights around redeployment and redundancy pay for public servants. The PSA has repeatedly fought against this radical change and last week had a ground-breaking win in the Court of Appeal which will benefit all PSA members working in the public service.

This win came about as a result of the PSA’s application in 2012 to have a redundancy clause inserted in the School Administrative and Support Staff Award. The Government successfully challenged our application in the Industrial Relations Commission by using its Industrial Relations Act, Regulation 6(1)(f).

The PSA appealed the decision of the full bench of the Industrial Relations Commission which led to our most recent victory last week.

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O’Farrell’s controversial wages policy rejected by Court of Appeal – Sydney Morning Herald

Apr 11, 2014

The PSA’s victory in the Court of Appeal on 10 April in relation to redundancy provisions hit the Sydney Morning Herald today.

Read the story HERE

Calls for Goward to be sacked over abandoned children – Sydney Morning Herald

Apr 11, 2014

A scathing report by the NSW Ombudsman  has slammed the inability of the Department of Family and Community Services to protect the State’s children, leading to calls for Minster Goward to be sacked.

Read the article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald HERE


Red Tape January/April 2014 Edition – out now!

Apr 11, 2014

RedTape_JANAPR14_WEB 1st page large

PSA wins redundancy rights for public sector workers

Apr 10, 2014

Today’s ruling by The Court of Appeal has opened the door to redundancy provisions being inserted into awards for public sector workers being battered by the O’Farrell Government said the Public Service Association (PSA).

The Court of Appeal found a Government regulation which excluded redundancy provisions being contained in awards was invalid.

The effect of this decision is to remove the restriction on including redundancy provisions in an award for public sector employees.

The matter began when the PSA applied to vary the award for School Administrative and Support Staff to include redundancy provisions.

The O’Farrell Government successfully objected to this in the Industrial Relations Commission.

The PSA took the matter to the Court of Appeal and today were victorious.

“This is a great win for all PSA members in the NSW public sector,” said PSA General Secretary, Anne Gardiner.

“This Government has been methodically undermining the job security of their entire workforce but today’s decision provides a safety net for public servants, something that the Government expressly attempted to disallow.”

The PSA is now able to apply to have redundancy provisions inserted in all of its awards.