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Home Care – new provider announced, complete the survey

Aug 28, 2015

Home Care – Government announces new provider August 2015 (PDF version)

Following months of speculation, the NSW Government has today announced that Australian Unity will take over the NSW Home Care Service from early 2016.

It is extremely disappointing that the Government has taken this step without proper notice, especially when agreement has only been reached on transfer details for care workers, leaving PSA members without genuine protections. The PSA will continue to fight for legally enforceable guarantees.

Establishment of PSA – Home Care Transfer Working Group

The NSW Government has finally agreed to hold discussions on the transfer of PSA members by establishing an implementation working group. This will cover employment and operational issues around the transfer.

If you have not yet done so, take our quick survey to let us know how you will fight for your jobs and conditions.

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Save Our Steel – Port Kembla

Aug 28, 2015

The PSA’s Central Council has thrown its support behind the community campaign by the South Coast Labour Council and other unions to save the iconic Port Kembla Steelworks from closure.

Save Our Steel – Port Kembla

PSA calls for inquiry into the privatisation of Out of Home Care

Aug 27, 2015

Following a number of concerning reports in relation to the transitioning of Out of Home Care to the non-government sector, Acting PSA General Secretary, Steve Turner has written to Family and Community Services Minister, Brad Hazzard calling for an inquiry.

Read a copy of that letter HERE

TAFE job “deletions” on North Coast, “Smart and Skilled” & more – PSA on 2GB

Aug 26, 2015

Acting PSA General Secretary, Steve Turner talks to Steve Price on 2GB about TAFE job “deletions” on the North Coast, “Smart and Skilled” and more.

2GB Steve Turner interview 25 August 2015 (MP3)

200 North Coast TAFE staff have their jobs “deleted” – The Northern Star

Aug 26, 2015

“Deleted” North Coast TAFE jobs – hardly a “Smart and Skilled” move.

Read The Northern Star article HERE

Sacked MUA workers join Vodafone #BigLittleProtest

Aug 26, 2015

Sacked MUA workers join Vodafone #BigLittleProtest

Workers sacked by midnight text and email nearly three weeks ago by Hutchison Ports Australia will take their campaign to the streets in three capital cities today to join the #BigLittleProtest run by Vodafone Australia – which is half owned by Hutchison.

The 97 workers – who have still not been rostered on despite a Federal Court injunction granted because of a lack of adequate consultation with respect to forced redundancies – are fed up with Hutchison’s attitude in negotiations.

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) will again meet with Hutchison management at the Fair Work Commission in Sydney today ahead of the Federal Court case that begins next week. The FWC talks have stalled due to the company’s failure to negotiate in good faith.

Hutchison Ports Australia sacked 97 people out of their total workforce of 224 in Brisbane and Sydney just before midnight on August 6. There were guards on the gates of the terminals the following morning and workers were not even allowed to clear their lockers.

Wednesday 26 August, 2015

Sydney: Midday onwards at Pitt St Mall

Corporate tax avoidance could become a lot easier – The Sydney Morning Herald

Aug 26, 2015

“Corporations have a responsibility to more than just their shareholders. They have a responsibility to contribute to the country in which they operate”.

If only.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald article HERE

PSA Bargaining Team – call for nominations

Aug 25, 2015

PSA Bargaining Team call for nominations August 2015 (PDF version)

The PSA is presently setting up a Bargaining Team to further encourage member involvement in bargaining for wages and conditions. This innovation follows recent initiatives to increase member say in negotiations around pay and conditions, such as the ‘live chat’ and the ballot around Award negotiations for the 2.5% pay increase.

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Private colleges with high drop-out rates getting millions in subsidies – The Sydney Morning Herald

Aug 25, 2015

While we’re told the money has dried up for public education, it seems there is plenty of cash for private colleges, regardless of how efficient they are.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald story HERE

PSA writes to Premier, seeks undertaking on ADHC

Aug 21, 2015

With the Federal Government reportedly looking at slowing the roll out of the NDIS due to costs, the PSA has grave concerns that the scheme will be reduced to a poorly funded low budget exercise making the privatisation and removal of ADHC even more perilous.

Today, Acting PSA General Secretary, Steve Turner wrote to Premier Baird on behalf of thousands of currently satisfied ADHC clients, seeking an assurance that ADHC will not be dismantled, and remain a viable

choice for people with disabilities, their families and carers in NSW.

Read the letter to the Premier HERE.

SAS Staff Recognition Week

Aug 21, 2015

31 August – 4 September 2015

Every year the PSA encourages schools to celebrate the vital role played by School Administrative and Support Staff (SASS) right across NSW.

Recognition Week is an opportunity for each school community to acknowledge their efforts and say thank you.

The theme for this year is:

“School Administrative & Support Staff:
“Our jobs, your children, their future”

TAFE members speak – VOTE NO!

Aug 19, 2015

PSA (CPSU) members speak – Vote No August 2015 (PDF version)

The PSA (CPSU) has been inundated with members who have told us not to accept TAFENSW’s current proposals to slash working conditions in exchange for a pay rise that other NSW public sector workers received without requiring cuts to their conditions.

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Mum whose life changed by TAFE concerned about reforms – The Northern Star

Aug 19, 2015

Save TAFE because TAFE builds lives.

Read The Northern Star article HERE

PSA extends ADHC work bans in Nepean – Blue Mountains district

Aug 18, 2015

PSA extends work bans in Nepean – Blue Mountains district August 2015 (PDF version)

PSA members in the Nepean-Blue Mountains District have voted to extend work bans associated with the transition of disability services to the private sector.

Information on the bans

Free NSW TAFE scholarships ease fee burden – The Sydney Morning Herald

Aug 17, 2015

Smart and Skilled a disaster? Give out free stuff.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald HERE

PSA submission to Parliamentary Inquiry into VET

Aug 14, 2015

PSA Submission – Putting VET in NSW back together August 2015 (PDF)

Waterfront dispute back on

Aug 14, 2015

Workers in Sydney were back on the job temporarily today.

But the company has failed to sit down at the negotiating table as ordered by Fair Work so the protest at Port Botany is back on.

Normal operations in Brisbane have however resumed.

PSA members are encouraged to support sacked MUA members at Port Botany whenever possible and particularly on Thursday, 20 August 2015.

Add your name HERE to let Hutchison workers know you’ve got their back.

You can also show your support here:

TAFE enterprise bargaining update – VOTE NO

Aug 14, 2015

TAFE Bulletin – Enterprise Bargaining Update – VOTE NO – 14 August 2015 (PDF version)

The PSA (CPSU) has been conducting members’ meetings across the state and continues to do so. At every meeting so far, the following resolution has been passed unanimously:

“This meeting of TAFE PSA/CPSU members reject TAFE’s current proposals to slash working conditions, in return for a retrospective pay rise of up to 2.5%. This meeting of members considers the protection of current working conditions as a priority in the Enterprise Bargaining negotiations.”

TAFENSW has refused to withdraw or substantively amend its proposal (details available here) and has confirmed it will release the draft agreement for ballot without any agreement with the union bargaining team. As such, the PSA (CPSU) is now advising all staff to VOTE NO to any agreement that TAFE puts out to vote without the endorsement of the union.

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On the Waterfront…again

At its meeting on 10 August, the PSA’s Central Council gave full support to MUA (Maritime Union of Australia) demands that Hutchison Ports withdraw 97 dismissal notices issued to workers at Port Botany and Brisbane terminals and negotiate with the union over re-equipment and staffing.

Dismissal notices were issued by text message shortly before midnight on 6 August, effective immediately.

Most of the sacked workers were elected site committee members, shift delegates or health and safety committee representatives.

Hundreds have joined the protest at Port Botany.

The PSA is developing a roster to show support and encourages members to add their support and inspire other PSA members and other unions to fight to save jobs and call for no more sackings.

Add your name HERE to let Hutchison workers know you’ve got their back.

You can also show your support here:


Prisons ban smoking, riot squads standby – 7 News

Aug 11, 2015

How many workplaces in Australia require emergency response teams being on standby when a smoking ban is implemented?

Watch the 7 News report HERE

Worries ‘family’ could be split – Port Stephens Examiner

Aug 11, 2015

Further evidence that the most needy in our society are going to fall through the cracks of the NDIS – and ADHC won’t be there to catch them.

Read the Port Stephens Examiner article HERE

PSA concerns about LMBR in schools highlighted by Daily Telegraph

Aug 5, 2015

The Daily Telegraph has highlighted the PSA’s concerns about the roll out of the Learning Management and Business Reform (LMBR) program in schools, the cost of which to date is far greater than a reported $500 million.

Read The Daily Telegraph article HERE

Abbott clears the ground for Work Choices 2.0

Aug 4, 2015

ACTU Media Release – Productivity Commission report attacks penalty rates, minimum wage and rights at work (PDF version)

Productivity Commission report attacks penalty rates, minimum wage and rights at work – ACTU

Unions have always said the Productivity Commission Inquiry was called by the Abbott Government in order to cut penalty rates, the minimum wage and rights at work – the interim report released today confirms that.

The report calls for a two-tiered workplace system with Sunday penalty rates to be cut for workers in hospitality, entertainment and retail but remain the same for health and emergency service workers.

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NSW govt to wind back WorkCover cuts to injured workers – The Sydney Morning Herald

Aug 4, 2015

The Baird Government is set to wind back some of the cuts made to workers compensation in 2012.

But the move comes with an overhaul of WorkCover.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald article HERE

Home Care delegates implement state-wide bans in response to inferior transfer deal

Jul 23, 2015

Home Care delegates implement state-wide bans in response to inferior transfer deal (PDF version)

All Home Care members are directed not to participate or complete any work related to:

  • Data Remediation
  • Accounts Management (including debt recovery and account queries)
  • Records Management (including updating P-files and client files, archiving and any preparation requested for transfer and tidying up of offices, getting rid of old information
  • Unpaid Out of hours/after hours work
  • Log Books
  • VHC Reconciliations (Data Remediation).

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