PSA Christmas closure

The PSA will be operating with a skeleton staff from Monday 22 December until 1pm on Wednesday 24 December.

The PSA will then be closed and will reopen on Monday 5 January 2015.


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The State Government plans to privatise Ageing Disability and Home Care (ADHC).

Fight the move and the dangerous precedent it sets for staff in other areas that may be privatised.


Has your MP signed our pledge against the privatisation of Ageing, Disability and Home Care?

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The Government Sector Employment Act

The Government Sector Employment Act, Regulation & Rules are now in effect.

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Latest News

PSA writes to Premier regarding prison overcrowding

Dec 19, 2014

PSA General Secretary Anne Gardiner has written to the Premier expressing grave concerns at overcrowding in NSW prisons and the impact on the safety of Correctional Officers.

Read the letter HERE.

Thank you

Dec 16, 2014

This morning the incident at Martin Place ended very sadly. I know members join with me in loving thoughts for those who were taken hostage and their families.

Premier Baird has asked the community not to let this event impact negatively on the harmonious society that we have built in this country. I think we all support those sentiments.

He also thanked the Police and other Emergency Services for the professional way in which they handled this emergency.

In addition to the above, I would like to thank those public servants who provide the people of NSW with the type of co-ordinated and prepared response we saw during this prolonged incident.

These include those members who work in 000 call centres providing a 24 hour service in a very stressful and demanding environment. Thanks also to our RMS and Transport NSW colleagues who would have been responsible for road closures and rapidly changing transport arrangements. Others include those in communications areas of departments who are critical to a co-ordinated approach between departments, those members who are civilian scene of crime officers who undertake forensic work, those who are responsible for research on all aspects of the offender and any linked groups and those who work in the areas of procurement and deployment who ensure that their colleagues are properly equipped when they face a situation like this. I also thank our members who are Special Constables who are responsible for securing critical areas such as Parliament House and ensuring the safety of those inside.

There are so many more public servants who make a professional and co-ordinated response to a tragic incident such as this possible.

The work of NSW public servants is ongoing and it is that dedication to duty that is the basis of a civilised society.

Yours in unity

Anne Gardiner

Post grad students flock to TAFE to boost their job prospects – The Daily Telegraph

Dec 16, 2014

Jobseekers with postgraduate qualifications are flocking to TAFE to enhance their career prospects with demanding employers.

Read the Telegraph article HERE.

Do It For Jack Family Appeal

Dec 12, 2014

A trust has been established to provide financial assistance to long-time PSA member Tanya Norman and her husband Craig, following the sad news that their 7-year-old son Jack has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour.

Having spent the best part of the last two years away from the workplace caring for Jack, his parents (both long term NSW Public Servants) have very little paid leave left between them to spend time with him. They also have a younger daughter to care for.

The PSA encourages members to donate what they can at:

Police Bank Account
NSW Police Legacy Do it for Jack Appeal
BSB: 815 000
Acc: 280 219 (S1)

Further information regarding donations and fundraising is also available on the Do It For Jack website HERE.

Red Tape December 2014

Dec 12, 2014

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Ministers won’t rule out NDIS delay as hundreds of thousands wait for help – The Herald Sun

Dec 11, 2014

How the NDIS will expand to cover almost half a million people is yet to be properly detailed by the Commonwealth and State Ministers.

Read the Herald Sun article HERE.

Daily Telegraph goes inside Silverwater & finds “society’s overlooked heroes”

Dec 8, 2014

“The tireless men and women of Corrective Services NSW who proudly walk the Silverwater corridors and myriad NSW court cells are society’s overlooked heroes. Putting their lives on the line, dealing with the state’s worst humans every day, but retaining an impressive decorum filled with confidence, compassion and humour, three traits that would be swiftly stripped out of most ordinary souls on day one with a badge.”

Read the article HERE.

TAFE advertising blitz as election nears – The Sydney Morning Herald

Dec 8, 2014

Marketing TAFE’s high quality to prospective students will help bolster these public institutes against competition from the private training providers. But the message sits oddly beside the NSW government’s actions to dismantle the TAFE system.

Read the Herald article HERE.

PSA rally against plans to privatise ADHC

Dec 8, 2014

TAFE cuts and fee increases could do a world of hurt – The Daily Telegraph

Dec 5, 2014

For example, a Certificate 3 in wall and floor tiling, which cost $828 in 2014 will cost $13,210 (over three years) in 2015.

Read The Daily Telegraph article HERE.

Gap between rich and poor growing under Abbott Government – ACTU

Dec 5, 2014

ACTU Media Release: Gap between rich and poor growing under Abbott government (PDF version)

A new Senate report showing Tony Abbott’s budget cuts will worsen inequality and poverty in Australia should serve as a wake-up call to the Federal Government, unions said today.

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Real job losses for real people in our regional towns – The Northern Daily Leader

Dec 3, 2014

“What a shame that something that has failed everywhere else should be foisted on the citizens of New England at the expense of our TAFE system!” – Katherine Nicholson

Read the story HERE.

Assignment to Roles – PSA response

Nov 28, 2014

Read the PSA response to the Draft Assignment to Roles HERE

Family and Community Services report reveals children still at risk – The Sydney Morning Herald

Nov 27, 2014

“At 5 July, 2014, FaCS has not conducted 952 or 46 per cent of the required annual placement reviews for children or young people under its direct care,” – NSW Auditor General Grant Hehir.

Read the Herald article HERE.

Social Housing in NSW Discussion Paper

Nov 26, 2014

The Social Housing in NSW Discussion Paper has been released.

Download a copy HERE.

Workforce Profile Report 2014

Nov 26, 2014

The Workforce Profile Report 2014 is out.

You can download a copy HERE.

State of the NSW Public Sector Report 2014

Nov 26, 2014

The State of the NSW Public Sector Report 2014 is out.

You can download a copy HERE.

Shocking abuse of disabled people in privately operated homes

Nov 25, 2014

PSA Media Release: Shocking abuse of disabled people in privately operated homes (PDF version)


The shocking abuse of disabled people in privately operated homes exposed in last night’s Four Corners program has further alarmed thousands of NSW families.

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Greens Save TAFE campaign: state election promise

Nov 25, 2014

The Greens Save TAFE campaign November 2014 (PDF version)

The Greens have announced their moves to limit the damage that the Smart and Skilled training market will do to TAFE.

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2014/2015 Christmas closedown

Nov 24, 2014

Just because your office may be closed does not mean you can be directed to take recreation leave to cover the closedown period.

You cannot be directed to take recreation leave if you have accrued less than six weeks recreation leave. The choice to take leave is yours.

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2014/2015 Christmas closedown – TAFE

Nov 24, 2014

Just because your college or office is closing down does not mean you can be directed to take annual leave to cover the closedown period.

You cannot be directed to take annual leave if you have accrued less than 40 days annual leave. The choice to take leave is yours.

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Sign our petition & help stop the privatisation of NSW

The total privatisation of ADHC will dramatically undermine choice and the provision of quality services.

The NSW Government must retain a key role in delivering this vital human service.

The Government so far has failed to make a commitment to protect the job security, pay and conditions of the public servants who are to be transferred, like it or not, to a private employer.

This is undoubtedly just the beginning of a mass sell off of public services in NSW.

Please sign the petition HERE and ask your family, work colleagues and friends to sign also.

So please print a copy, collect as many signatures as you can, and post the petition back to:

The Public Service Association of NSW GPO Box 3365 Sydney NSW 2001


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