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PSA Women’s Conference 2014

Registrations now closed

This year’s conference will be held on Tuesday, 9 and Wednesday, 10 September, 2014 at PSA House, 160 Clarence Street, Sydney.


The Government Sector Employment Act

The Government Sector Employment Act, Regulation & Rules are now in effect.

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SAS Staff Recognition Week 2014

Aug 21, 2014

Final Poster approved 31 July 2014 ac_1small

Working With Children Check update

Working with Children Check – August 2014 (PDF version)

In 2013 a number of changes occurred to the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012 and the Child Protection (Working with Children) Legislation 2013.

Negative changes included the $80.00 application fee being passed on to all employees by the State Government with this fee required to be paid every five years.

The legislation is silent on who must pay this five yearly application fee however the State Government has instructed all agencies to pass the fee on to employees.

As a result of the Government’s decision the PSA sought legal advice and following this advice the PSA sought the assistance of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

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Rally at Sydney University

Aug 14, 2014

Sydney Uni Library Rally August 2014 1 medium

Sydney Uni Library Rally August 2014 2 medium


Click here to see more of  the rally at Sydney University

Rally at Sydney University – 13 August 2014 at 1pm

Aug 12, 2014

Sydney University have released a Revised Change Proposal and Draft Implementation Plan for the University Library.

Included is a proposal to make 140 positions redundant.

In response, delegates have organised a rally at the University of Sydney Fisher Library on Wednesday 13 August at 1pm.

Speakers to include Bob Ellis, Verity Firth, Grant Wheeler and David Malouf.

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Woman ‘fell through the cracks’ of NDIS – The Newcastle Herald

Aug 11, 2014

“Woman ‘fell through the cracks’ of Hunter NDIS roll out.”

Read the full article HERE.

Collecting signatures in Wollongong on 8 August to protest against the privatisation of ADHC

Aug 8, 2014

Collecting signatures in Wollongong on 8 August to protest against the privatisation of ADHC medium

Glen Turner Trust – Donations

Aug 8, 2014

An account to accept donations for Alison, Alexandra and Jack, the family of Glen Turner, has been set up.

The family will have immediate access to the funds.  The details are:

Account name: Glen Turner Trust

BSB: 062-602 (Commonwealth Bank)

Account number: 10601120

Fees amnesty

Aug 8, 2014
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Dealing with workplace bullying – a worker’s guide – Safe Work Australia

Aug 8, 2014

Dealing with workplace bullying – a worker’s guide - Safe Work Australia (PDF)

Parliamentary tribute to Glen Turner

Aug 8, 2014

On Monday I wrote to you regarding my serious concerns about the way the tragic death of Mr Turner, an OEH compliance officer was being reported by sections of the media.

I also expressed my dismay at the lack of leadership on this matter from the employer of OEH staff, that is, the NSW Government.

In Parliament on Tuesday, the Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Mr Rob Stokes paid a very moving tribute to Mr Turner.

The Minister was joined in his expression of grief by Ms Linda Burney, Member for Canterbury.

Both speeches can be found HERE.

Anne Gardiner
General Secretary

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Group fears disaster for disability services – The Newcastle Herald

Aug 7, 2014

The Hunter Disability Support Group fear a looming disaster for people with intellectual disabilities in Government’s plans to abandon the sector.

Read the full article HERE.

Fresh charges laid against murder-accused farmer – The Daily Telegraph

Aug 6, 2014

Flags will fly at half mast on all ­Department of Environment and Heritage offices.

Read the full article HERE.

The Thin Green Line

Aug 6, 2014

Thin Green Line Breakfast August 2014 medium

This morning’s fundraising breakfast for The Thin Green Line, an organisation that assists park rangers around the world and supports the families of rangers killed or injured protecting the environment.

World Ranger Day was July 31.

Police allege worker gunned down inspecting unrelated site – The Sydney Morning Herald

Aug 5, 2014

The Sydney Morning Herald today carried an article which throws a different light on the tragic shooting of an employee of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

Read the full article HERE.

Pushed beyond despair – The Daily Telegraph

Aug 5, 2014

On Friday 1 August 2014, this article in The Daily Telegraph raised serious concerns as it seemed to politicise the tragic death of an employee of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

This article was the subject of General Secretary Anne Gardiner’s email to members yesterday, Monday 4 August 2014.

Read the full article HERE.

Disgust at media treatment of public servant

Aug 4, 2014

I am writing to express my absolute disgust at the way the murder of a public servant is being reported in some parts of the media.

This is a step too far.

The PSA has written to the Daily Telegraph in an attempt to highlight our concerns about their very dangerous reporting but typically, this view has not been printed.

If a person shooting someone in the back can be portrayed as reasonable because they didn’t like the law, what is next?

It is time for our employer, Premier Baird to show some leadership on this matter.

In the meantime, I would ask you and your friends and families to stop buying the Daily Telegraph until they stop trashing the memory of our fellow public servant.

 Anne Gardiner
General Secretary

Red Tape May/August 2014 Edition – out now!

Aug 4, 2014

Page1 from RedTape_MAYJUL14_WEBsmall

Disability workers rally against ‘shameful’ plans – Illawarra Mercury

Aug 4, 2014


PSA makes its presence felt at Wollongong rally to defend Disability and Home Care services.

Read the full article HERE.

Father fears loss of ‘benchmark’ home for long-term disabled – Newcastle Herald

Aug 4, 2014


GRAHAM Burgess’ son Stuart, 51, lives in a “magnificent” state government group home at Belmont.

He is concerned that the government sell off of disability services as part of the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme risks Stuart’s life style.

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Wollongong rally to save disability & home care services

Aug 1, 2014

More than 100 people rallied in Wollongong today as part of the fight to save disability and home care services

ADHC rally Wollongong August 2014 2 medium

Political use of tragic death a disgrace

Aug 1, 2014


PSA Media Release: Political use of tragic death a disgrace (PDF version)

Coffs Harbour MP Andrew Fraser should be rebuked for his reported remarks blaming the death of a worker from the Office of Environment and Heritage on environmental legislation, said the Public Service Association of NSW (PSA).

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Sign our petition & help stop the privatisation of NSW

Jul 7, 2014
While the PSA strongly supports the principles behind the NDIS, the total privatisation of ADHC will dramatically undermine choice and the provision of quality services for clients.

The implementation of the NDIS will be far more effective if the Government retains a key role in delivering this vital human service.

To make matters worse, the Government so far has failed to make a commitment to protect the job security, conditions, entitlements and pay of the public servants who are to be transferred, like it or not, to a private employer.

This is undoubtedly just the beginning of a mass sell off of public services in NSW.

Please sign the petition HERE and ask your family, work colleagues and friends to sign also.

So please print a copy, collect as many signatures as you can, and post the petition back to:

The Public Service Association of NSW GPO Box 3365 Sydney NSW 2001

Workers compensation slashed two years ago

On the two year anniversary of the State Government stripping workers of medical benefits and weekly compensation payments from the workers compensation scheme, three people affected by the cuts speak out about the very real life consequences of the reforms.

Click HERE to hear their stories.


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