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Fire and Rescue NSW PSA Members

Fire and Rescue NSW PSA Members (PDF version)

Dear FRNSW PSA members,

My name is Ian Braithwaite and I am the PSA Organiser whose portfolio includes FRNSW.

I have been in contact with Georgia Dawson from your Industrial Relations section and arranged for the PSA to have regular site meetings with its members. Please come along to meetings to discuss issues, keep up to date with PSA information and meet me in person.

The plan is to meet every two months at both the Sydney and Greenacre sites on the following dates

Wednesday 2 March 2016 Greenacre office
Wednesday 6 April 2016 Sydney office
Thursday 5 May 2016 Greenacre office
Wednesday 1 June 2016 Sydney office
Wednesday 6 July 2016 Greenacre office
Wednesday 3 August 2016 Sydney office
Wednesday 7 September 2016 Greenacre office
Wednesday 5 October 2016 Sydney office
Wednesday 2 November 2016 Greenacre office
Wednesday 7 December 2016 Sydney office

I am also available to visit other FRNSW metro sites. If members would like to arrange this, contact me at .

Please feel free to bring non-members to a meeting so I can discuss the benefits of joining the PSA with them.

Meeting notices will be sent to remind members of the upcoming visit with the meeting location and time.

All members are welcome to raise issues via the email address above, and they can be placed on the agenda for the meeting.

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