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Housing members at Liverpool – Get to know your delegates

Housing members at Liverpool – Get to know your delegates – Sept. 2017 (PDF version)

A new Workplace Group Committee has been elected to represent and support PSA members at the Housing Contact Centre.

Your delegates are:

David Mathias, Chairperson
Satvindar Singh, Secretary
Grace Borsellino, Women’s Officer

The other delegates are:

Donna Jimeno
Susan Simpson
Klaled El Cheikh
Martin Sharan
Joan Davis
Jessica Niemann

The HCC Workplace Committee meets four times a year and has an Annual General Meeting to which all PSA members are invited.

As well as the Workplace Group Committee, there is the Housing Departmental Committee (DC) which represents all members in Housing across the state. Your delegates on the DC are David Mathias and Satvindar Singh who will represent local Housing offices in the SWS District. The HCC positions on the DC were previously held by Kristelle Taylor and Bob Gauke and we thank them for their contribution.

PSA Organiser Vivette Horrex regularly visits the HCC workplace, so please drop in and say hello or contact by Vivette or mobile 0408 410747.

Joint Consultative Committee

The PSA Industrial Officer, Katy Ambler and HCC Workplace delegates meet quarterly with the HCC Director as part of the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC).

The PSA has a Member Support Centre for further assistance with an industrial matter. Contact 1300 772 679.

If you want to get involved in PSA campaigns, please contact us. How?

Training and ongoing support is provided.

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