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Audit Office of NSW JCC update

Audit Office of NSW JCC - Nov 2019 (PDF version)

On 13 November the PSA met with Audit management in the last Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meeting for the year. These meetings are to discuss issues that impact on the working conditions of PSA members in the work place.

Management advised they are currently looking deeper into the results of the People Matters Survey. The PSA sees this as a worthwhile document that enables staff to anonymously make management across the sector aware of their concerns. Management should use the results of each years’ survey to assess where improvements can be made. We are advised that meetings will soon occur at team levels and actions and plans will be looked at.

If members feel they are not being heard the PSA can make representations on their behalf. We can be contacted on 1300 772 679.

Audit has advised of their efforts at furthering diversity in the work place. We are also aware of a WHS Mental health pilot being introduced in the near future. The PSA advised that we seek to conduct a PSA Lunch and Learn session relating to “Care and Resilience” in the new year.

One of the roles of the JCC is to look at policies. We are advised that we will be provided with HR policies for comment in the near future. The PSA is the formal representative of employees and consultation with the PSA is a requirement under the Award under which you are employed.

Currently we have two delegates in the workplace. They are Neil Avery and Steve Hrdina. The PSA is looking to increase our delegates and welcomes members putting themselves or other forward for such a role.

The strength of the union is determined by its membership and delegates in the workplace. If you are interested is a role, or in participating in any way contact one of your delegates or Davis Murphy (PSA Organiser) on 0419 607 894 or Nick Player (PSA Industrial Officer) on 0408 432 439.

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