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Champions of the State

PSA/CPSU NSW members have been on the frontline as NSW has been rocked by bushfire, drought and a deadly pandemic. True public servants, our members kept at it during a succession of crises, working onsite or at home to keep the state running.

Without PSA and CPSU NSW members, schools, universities and TAFE colleges would cease to teach, prisons would not protect our families, our National Parks would fall into decline, zoos would close and we’d not longer access our vital government services, such as driver’s licences and environmental protection.

The NSW public service works for you, regardless of what party is in government. In good times and bad, it is PSA/CPSU NSW members ensuring the essential services of the state run smoothly and professionally. Without them, NSW would not be the great place it is to live and work.

Champions of the State acknowledges the great work these people do in keeping NSW running.

Our members are Champions of the State.

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