A reorganisation of existing public service agencies and the creation of new public service agencies was announced shortly after the recent state election.

The new public service structure is HERE and takes effect from 1 July 2019.

A visual version of the changes can be found HERE.

The full details are still being established for the many agencies.

Consultation has not yet commenced

Whilst there are significant rumours circulating at present, it is unlikely that significant change will occur until after 1 July in many areas. The PSA has written to the government and asked for consultation on the changes to commence.

There is an obligation on your employer to undertake meaningful consultation on any restructures. Do not however, assume that just because your employer says that they have consulted with the PSA that they have.

We would ask anyone that hears about or receives restructure information, no matter how brief, to send this information to ">, or by calling the MSC on 1300 772 679 and quoting the call number 115974.

Cuts are coming

The combination of a government wide restructure of departments, and the scheduled 12 per cent cuts over the next four years built into the budget, means that we all must remain vigilant.

The PSA will continue to support members in the coming times.

In the lead up to the state election the PSA campaigned to change the government. We’ll be holding the new members of parliament, and the old, to account and expect this government to respect the voices of protest raised during the election campaign.

A particularly strong message was sent to this government by regional voters and the PSA will be holding it to account where jobs come under threat during the next four years.

Together, we will continue to work hard in the interests of the state and its people.

Provision of information

Stay up to date with the PSA bulletins and support your PSA workplace delegates who will be critical in supporting you in the coming period.

WHS consultative obligations

As well as consultation with the union required by the Industrial Relations Act and awards, the employer must also consult directly with workers and their representatives under the consultation obligations of the WHS Act during change management.

A change in the workplace must involve WHS consultation according to section 48 of the WHS Act:

48 Nature of consultation

Consultation under this Division requires:

  • that relevant information about the matter is shared with workers, and
  • that workers be given a reasonable opportunity:
  • to express their views and to raise work health or safety issues in relation to the matter, and
  • to contribute to the decision-making process relating to the matter, and
  • that the views of workers are taken into account by the person conducting the business or undertaking, and
  • that the workers consulted are advised of the outcome of the consultation in a timely manner.

If the workers are represented by a health and safety representative (HSR), the consultation must involve that representative.

PSA WHS training

The PSA conducts training courses (found HERE) for HSRs, Bullying Prevention and Care and Resilience.

Contact for more information about WHS training or if you are concerned that WHS consultation is not happening properly in your workplace.

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