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Child Protection in Crisis

Urgent stop-work meeting 


Members from the After Hours Response Team (AHRT) are instructed to attend a two-hour stop-work meeting at 4:30pm today, Monday 18 March 2024. 


AHRT members will shortly receive a Teams meeting link.


The PSA has called this stop-work meeting in response to the chronic mismanagement, lack of resourcing and Workplace Health and Safety concerns affecting this vital component of the NSW Child Protection system. 


The PSA has repeatedly sought to address the issue with the Department, but nothing has been resolved. 


Your union remains willing to meet with Community Services to reach a solution to these issues. However, as today’s action proves, we are willing to take industrial action in the event the Department refuses to engage in constructive dialogue.


For any urgent inquiries, please contact the PSA Communities Team on 1800 772 679.

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