Coronavirus update – Housing, FACS & Community Services - Public Service Association

Coronavirus update – Housing, FACS & Community Services

Coronavirus Update - March 2020 (PDF version)

Yesterday PSA Delegates and staff met with Senior Officers of DCJ about the coronavirus and the steps that have been taken to reduce the risk of the spread of the coronavirus.

The Department’s intranet site has a section devoted to the latest information available and staff are strongly encouraged to monitor it regularly as this is an ever changing situation. This information is also available on the internet in case you don’t have access to the intranet while at home or in the field. The internet address is:

Clients have been advising by social media and text messaging that they can use a range of different way to do business with the department rather than attend local offices.

Advice has been sent to all staff about protocols to use prior to home visits, if you are unable to contact clients prior to visiting then you can ask the questions when you arrive and if appropriate then staff can reschedule the appointment.

Extra office cleaning has been arranged in some areas and the department is working with the government property office on additional cleaning for locations covered by a broader government cleaning contract.

More current posters are being produced for display in offices and they will also be published on the intranet/internet.

If you are using a pool car please use a sanitised cloth (wet wipe) to wipe down the steering wheel, gearstick and door handle before use.

The department is currently reviewing (in conjunction with the Office of Children’s Guardian) what other arrangements can be made for contact visits for children in out of home care. The department will provide advice to staff as soon as the arrangements are in place.

As you know things can change very rapidly and the department is looking at what work, visits, meetings can be delayed or cancelled should the circumstances require.

Please do not hesitate to contact your PSA Delegates or the PSA Member Support Centre if you need assistance or advice.

Supporting the work of your union

You can support the work of the PSA and delegates by asking your colleagues to JOIN their union.

If members you work with have not received this bulletin, forward the survey link to them and ask them to update their details by email their signature block to with “update work details” in the subject line.

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