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Corrective Services Non-Custodial Admin and Stores review update

Corrective Services Non-Custodial Admin and Stores Review update – May 2016 (PDF version)

Dear members,

On 4 May 2016, the PSA sent a bulletin to members. A copy of which is HERE.

On Thursday 19 May, the PSA and delegates met with the Department of Justice to discuss the alternate restructure document developed by delegates and submitted to the Department of Justice on Monday 2 May as per Commissioner Newall’s recommendations.

The PSA would like to thank the endorsed representatives from each centre who attended the meeting and who provided valuable feedback at the meeting.

At the meeting, the Department representatives requested the PSA provide further advice on our document. This will include meetings at each Correctional Centre. The PSA and delegates gave the undertaking that the information will be provided to the Department by COB 30 May 2016.

In turn the PSA requested the Department undertake to:

  1. provide the PSA with the roles regrading scoring and task lists
  2. separate the Clerk General scale from the Clerk 1/2 grades in their documentation and provide the update to the PSA and delegates
  3. devise the scores used to determine the grade of each role
  4. list tasks for each grade.

Once the Department has received this information a further meeting will be convened to explain our rationale.

In a recent communique the Department indicated the PSA is holding up the implementation of the restructure. If implemented in its current format proposed by the Department of Justice there will be considerable job losses and downgrading of already low graded positions.

As a consequence of the PSA’s dispute against Corrective Services, the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW has recommended that constructive consultation should take place between parties prior to proceeding.

It is the Department’s failure to provide adequate responses to questions from staff and the PSA that has resulted in the implementation dates being extended.

Lastly the Department stated they need this restructure to be implemented prior to the end of the financial year otherwise they will not be able to afford to pay redundancies.

All NSW Departments including Justice must follow the current Management Excessive Employees documentation which includes severance payment to redundant staff.

Therefore the Department must pay redundancies to all excess staff that elect to accept a voluntary redundancy.

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